[So this story isnt the best but i had no idea what to write for the event.]

28. There is a carnival in town so come along eat some fairy floss , go on a few ride , maybe even kiss someone special on the Ferris wheel.

aria cohen;;

"Aren't fairy floss and cotton candy the same thing?" I asked Liam looking between the two separate stalls selling the same thing.

"Maybe but they both look pretty good right now." He said nodding.

"Point made. Which one has less people at it though?" I said looking between the lines , it looked about the same. Far too long for my liking.

"They look pretty even but i see a friend of mine so maybe we could push infront." Liam said "If that isn't to rebellious for you of course." he said with a teasing grin.

"Oh shut up." I said pushing him slightly moving past him. "So where is this friend who is probably imaginary cause he isn't Scott." 

"I have more friends than just Scott. I am actually pretty popular. I just decide to waste my time on you losers." he said smirking a little.

"Your in a cheeky mood tonight aren't ya?" I asked shaking my head at him slightly. "Yeah maybe you should shut me up." he said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"I will...Once we get Fairy Candy." I said sweetly. "Not exactly what i had in a mind." Liam said pouting slightly.

"Would you prefer we f.ck on the ferris wheel?" I asked an eyebrow raised. "The answer i want to say will probably get me in trouble so i will go with - I am sorry i bugged Scott and Ally. Please forgive me." He said slight sarcastic towards the end of his sentence.

"I just don't get why your..

"Hey man , Do you mind if we just." Liam said pulling me towards a small group of people. 

"Liam and this must be the Aria i have heard so much about." I heard an oddly familiar , ultimately annoying voice say.

Him again. Except for the stripey shirt and glasses were gone. 

"Liam who is this?"

"Oh this is my friend" He started. 

"Lee do you wanna go first? I mean i am sure you and Aria wasn't it? Want to do more interesting things than stand here and wait in line." Liam smirked at the tone used for interesting things. I scoffed who the hell was this guy.

"So i take it being friend's with my boyfriend is a just happy coincidence." I whipesered once Liam had moved to order.

"My god your full of your self." he said rolling his eyes "And for no apparent reason at all." he said like it was odd.

"But to prove your self indulgent theory wrong. Liam and I take the same course." I was about to reply but Liam came boucning back handing me some fairy floss or cotton candy , I didn't even know which one it was.

"Thanks man." Liam said to the guy doing some weird guy hand shake before turning his attention back to me. "So where to next?" 

"Where ever you want." I said smiling just really hoping to get out of here. "Right." he said "To the dodgem cars." he said happily. I grinned following. Just happy to get away from the guy.

"It was nice meeting you Aria." The guy said as we left.

I can honestly i was happier with the idea that the only friend Liam had was Scott.


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who is this guyyyyyy

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Oh my god how did i miss this? with the story and the set and the 1d lyrics.
I suck shoot me now ;)

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aaaaaw I loved it!

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loved!! and this set is gorgeous!!

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I loved this!

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