Daisy; Sunday

I smirked as David closed the door behind us, "So, what exactly does 7 minutes in heaven with the one and only Mr. Woodsen include?"
He sat down next to where i was on the floor, "I had my first kiss playing a game of seven minutes in heaven in 7th grade.... it was horrible," He looked over at me with a smile.
"Do you remember the girls name?" I laid down, resting my head in his lap. 
"Kelsey. The only reason i went to the party was her and i was so excited when we ended up together and then it was such a disappointment when we finally kissed," He said as he mindlessly ran his hands through my hair.
"What a shame. Hopefully these 7 minutes will be a little better," I grinned, sitting up and moving all the way into David's lap, my legs straddling his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he bent his head down, kissing my lips. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever before there was a knock on the door.
"It's been past 7 minutes!!!" 
I grinned, pulling away from him and standing up, taking David's hand in mine and pulling him up with me. We walked outside and i grinned at Nel, "Sorry, we got a little preoccupied." 
"Ew," She rolled her eyes but the smile on her face let us know she didn't really care. We sat back down in the circle of everyone and it took all i had not to laugh. It literally felt like i was at a middle school party and i loved it. Everyone was having fun and for once it felt like there was no drama. 
I leaned my head against David's chest and looked up at him, "I love you David."
He smiled down at me, placing a soft kiss on my lips, "I love you too baby.... always will."
I grinned... i don't think i'd ever get sick of hearing him say that he loved me no matter how old we got. David was my everything and i was so happy that things were right with us and finally moving forward. The wedding plans were in the works and i was more excited than ever. 
I grinned up at David, "Good."
[super short and stupid story... sorry.]
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Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
this is fab!



The Fashionista's Secrets!!

The Fashionista's Secrets!!

Hello my lovelies, i decided to create a group on my own...I don't know how popular is it going to be..cause there are so many great groups...but anyway, i would like to give it a shot!!!This group is made for all of you, my ladies, who want to share with us their sense of style and their fashion statements....Secrets about a successful outfit are welcome, as well as tips about our style!!!
Each and every set you will submit to this group, will be posted to my personal wordpress blog!!Also, links to your profile and your sets with reviews about your style will be posted..(requests are open so you can propose to me whatever you are interested in posting)!!The posts will be written in English and in greek!
Actually, it is a blog dedicated to women and my articles are about fashion, style, beauty, celebrities, secrets, tips, homemade remedies, weight loss, being beautiful, well being, personal care, hairstyle, trends and many more...
Well. you may not understand it, as it is written in greek but the good thing is that i have a lot of traffic(ok i admitt i neglected my beloved blog since i discovered polyvore)!!
Please join my group!!!I need your support!!!
Love you all,
Miss Mich@

Fashion Fanatics

Fashion Fanatics

For all those who love fashion!
Be sure to add me as a contact so I can make sure to check out all your sets!!
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Fashion and style

Fashion and style

This is my first group, and i'm very proud because i've made it by myself and it's very successful, thanks to you girls!!! We have more than 1000 members and 10 000 sets,and there is always some contest!I wanna say thank you, for liking this group and for all your support that you gave me! Once again thank you!Kisses for all! :) Love ya!


The Best Of February 2011

The Best Of February 2011

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