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Season 1 break << [on a private jet to New York for photo shoot and interview]
Cred to- …? Partially ethereal. ? (even though hers looks so much better)

 I slipped off my shoes as I sank back into my seat, having the cup of tea I had in a Styrofoam cup warm my hands. My phone then vibrated on the tray table that was down in front of me. I opened up the text message I just received and it read,

ZACH: hey port, miss u. call me when you land and get to your hotel. 

I smiled to myself and quickly answered, saying: aw, zachipoo! k i will then. Xo

Zach and I were both away in different cities since we were on break from ING. Season one had just ended and season two was going to start filming in three-two weeks. I huffed as I thought about my busy schedule. I pulled out my planner from my carry-on, and flipped open to this week. My eyes scanned the page -

TEEN VOGUE, photo shoot/interview
DINNER to discuss, face of Michael Kors, Very Hollywood
Go to ‘Letters to Juliet’ premiere

And that was all for tomorrow. Not to mention this whole week - so I had to have Cami stay at a doggie hotel. I huffed and shut the planner. I snapped my fingers, “Can I have a muffin, miss?”

“Surely.” the attendant said with a smile. She came back with a blueberry muffin for me and then quickly turned back around and grabbed a rectangle device, “This was sent to you, from your parents.” she said with a grin. I took it from her hands. Eep! 

“An iTouch!!?” I squealed, shaking it in my hands. 

I spent the rest of the flight munching on snacks and fiddling with my new iTouch. Beep, beep. Text from: Zachi-poo

ZACH: at bar all alone. wish you were here =(
ME: aw zach, i wish i was too <3

I could just picture him sitting there (in the bottom right pic) all alone…but before I knew it NYC’s skyline came into view as we lowered our height. I held my breath and shut my eyes ‘thank gosh I’m home’. I texted Zach telling him I had just landed and put all my stuff away into Louie. Soon enough I was carrying my Vuittons off the jet. Once I got my checked bags I exited JFK, letting the lights twinkle in my eyes. I lit a light cigarette and waited for my chauffer to pull up with the limo. When the limo came I hopped in and drove off to my hotel, ready to relax - although knew that wasn’t gonna happen. It was 11:30 PM here and only 9:30 in L.A. I plopped down on the gushy bed and fell asleep unaware of it. I had to get up early anyway for the Regis&Kelly show so…

* * *

I woke up the next morning, on the dot, pumping myself up for the show. I made my way down to the lobby and hopped into the limo. Arriving at the studio soon I lounged out in the green room for a while before they called me to the stage. I followed the tall lady with a headset on her head. I heard, “And now we have one of the stars from the hit reality show ‘IT’s not a GAME’, Portia Reyes!”

“Now…go!” she said, pushing me out onto the set in front of the cameras. 

I walked out effortlessly with a self-exuding confidence that I had practiced before. I smiled, blowing kisses and waving to the audience. Soon I was by Regis and Kelly, hug, kiss on the cheek, etc. 

“I love your shoes!” I told Kelly, she beamed and thanked me continuing to say, “I love yours!”

I thanked her then hopped into the chair. 

“Pleasure to meet you, Portia.” Regis said. 

“Oh please call me, Porsche or Port.” I said with a grin. 

“I hear that’s what your friends on the show call you..” Kelly chimed. 

I nodded, “Yeah they do.”

“Seems like you guys are really close on the show…” Regis led on. 

“Yes, its honestly like a family. Um, we all know each other inside and out.”

“I think that’s great. And I hear that you are dating your co-star, Zachary Montague?”

I beamed, or blush not quite sure which it was but then replied, “Yes…”

They laughed, “You are very smitten I see.” said Kelly. 

“Well I think that um…we have something special and I really, really lo-” I was going to say love but chose the word, “like.” instead. 

They laughed again, “Did you forget that one of the last episodes of season one was when you admitted you loved him?” Regis asked. 

I giggled, “Oh right. Well then yeah I guess its safe to say I’m in love. You kinda forget that your whole life is being displayed on television for everyone to see.” 

“I can imagine.” Kelly said, “But you were born in New York and lived here your whole life here correct?”

“Yes, and my parents still live here.”

“Well we’ll be back with more of Portia- I mean Porsche.” Regis said winking at me, “after the break.”

During commercial the three of chatted before our ‘interview’ continued. They were really nice and hopefully once season two returns we can have the whole cast on their show.

Then, right after that I got right back into the limo again and zoomed off to the studio to which I was suppose to for TeenVogue. I was greeted by a peppy intern saying, “Hi, Portia! It is an honor to meet you, but first I must get you into your first wardrobe for the shoot. Basically the theme is old Hollywood glamour, gold, luxury, curls, red lips, that sorta thing.” 

I nodded taking it all in as she led me to a makeup chair where a makeup artist and hairstylist automatically surrounded me. She pressed down on my shoulders and plopped me down into the chair, then just like that they started working like maniacs. The gay hairstylist was chatting to me about his beau and the makeup artist was one of those quiet ones who make you talk the whole time. I listened to the music that boomed throughout the studio and got a few texts from the girls and Zach. I giggled as I sent them all pics of myself getting ready. 

ZACH: what is in your hair??!
CALS: uh dude i wouldn’t go into the shoot like that - you like an alien!
SARAH: that is an interesting look for you port…;]
JAS: hah!port you r…trustworthy of the ppl working on you

I sent them a picture of me with half my face full of makeup and my hair up in big rollers. Once I was done with that they scooted me into a dress and off in front of the camera I went. The shoot was fun, and I liked the crazy photographer. Soon it was time to do the interview portion. This time it was a gay reporter, he was very sweet and understanding boy who didn’t push me to say anything I didn’t want to. Unlike that other lady last time…remember her girls? Plus, he was a big fan - maybe that’s why…;)

Portia R.}
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Wrote 6 years ago
Oh my gosh, are you for real, ha? This is such a fail! & your sets are soooo much better. So thank you, dear <3

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
Oh my goodness, thank you! So, so much <3

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i love your sets they deserve more favorites! (:




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