tagged by: @willabyheart in her set ... http://www.polyvore.com/cant_take_my_eyes_off/set?id=52307365 RULES 1. Pick a song 2. Make a line from that song be a title in your set 3. In that set, use one item from this set. 4. Tag 10 more people and tell them to do the same 5. Ask a random question and answer mine too. (mine is: what is your favourite ever word) IN MY SET... 1. Roll Away Your Stone-Mumford and Sons 2."I have filled this void with things unreal" 3.I chose the picture of the guitar being played because it reminds me of summer and the country and the acoustics in the song and yeah...(it has rained for 99% of my summer!) 4.I'm tagging @ariana @lillie-bo-billy @katie-chivs @dayanna @elina994 @foxyblues @gogush @hustle @irina-6 @jadey97 5. @willabyheart 's question "what is your take on green gummy bears?" I think they're by far the prettiest but not as tasty as red or orange gummy bears. I guess I just prefer strawberry and orange over lime. MY QUESTION: What is your favourite ever word?
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