Song of the day EXO-M Open arm:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64xghvCLkrA
Here a "Deer Lulu" set for you my friend @giko-is-giantsister ,take a look those cutie cheeks[Kai is so cute ,what? ] i can't even leave Kai a lone and he comes again in this set hope you don't mind Aya chan i know you not!

After you admitted your self into EXO and Luhan is your favorite so this set is go for you Aya chan,actually i know it exactly who you'll do like among 12 boys haha<33 your ideal type never change at all. someone already that cute,flower boy lol:)

Welcome to the wonderland Aya...just like you've said such a long time that we found our fab again 
after 2009? no group caught my attention.
gosh,i bringing myself to SM stuffs this is my karma? for being hating on SM that much believe me "THAT MUCH" then strike back to me!!!!!!!!!

Repeating this again "Thank you so much" for always support me,leaving comments with super positive,pleasure my day that much 
you know you're one of a shine bright person that i used to know..you can't even made me angry longer when i see your positive
my dear lets enjoy this set,you know Luhan set waiting in my list "you know that" for who keke..

P.S style kinda a bit tomboy sorry i can't pull out sweet girly for you.

Big hugs,Mina [haha<3 you always calling me with Jap name,so I'm Mina for you ~]
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