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awkward ` san cisco 

hello everyone, (◕‿◕✿)

my last set had hardly any likes, so i really had to motivation or inspiration today, which is why i made a simple set. i don't like it, i don't think you will either. 

i'm feeling rather down today, because of some b//itches at my school who think they're better than everyone else, i really can't stand those girls who think the world revolves around them, with they're fake tans and make-up caked faces. urgh, just no.

& did i mention how much freaking homework my teachers dumped on me for half term, like what the hell? 

i'm am so DONE, maybe i will leave school as start a band & marry harry styles.

perfect 5-year plan.

damn, who am i kidding.

urgh, just realised that my last set was blue, can this day become anymore messed up.

- #simpleset, #simpleoutfit, #dress, #denim, #cute, #Blue, #white, #black, #simplicity, #classy, #sandals -

farrah / #itsqueenstyles
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