To my polyfriend i have a story to share pls taking time read it. (kinda serious this time)

First ever for me to speaking sth ever happened on polyvore i should be caution since isn't my story but i considering about it to involve this time.
firstly,i got PM by my polyfriends told me to take a look to this account they told me to told my real life friend Rainie about this account did sth strange to her since i am her real life friend i got PM so often to tell my friend to be careful.
it's too obvious many member caught her actions before me. i am not here often so i kinda late even to ask my friend what's happened?

Last few months ago my real life friend @rainie-minnie got a copied issue with "that person" beside the copied set related there're sth not supposed to be happen were happened.
"that person" kinda possessive,obsessed with her story under her sets that my friend wrote to shared to her polyfriends,i can't chose the exact word to describe this situation well.

At first place i was confused and ever told my friend you just paranoid or maybe just coincidence but day by day the coincidence becoming often such as when my friend talking about this a few days later "that person also speak the same,the question is how possible many specific detail of life ever happened the same on somewhere too? since it wasn't copied set issue i(we) don't know what to do?

It was totally annoying,and made her to caution to speaks.
i mean polyvore supposed to be our relaxing time,our hobby i don't understand why this fashion community has someone with that disgusting behave exist on this site.

I found it by myself to confirm,goosebumps every time to thinking to someone had behave like this.
i ever judging my friend being too much paranoid before so that why now i realized my friend not a paranoid it's true she got bothering by possessive account (i would like to saying this behave is psycho,stalking but word is kinda strongly to judge people who actually i don't know anything about her)

Even though me and Rainie we're friend but we never bringing polyvore's story to talk in real life we've different field of friends and favor stuff but lately we talking about this issue and get tired,i don't understand why this situation happens to us.

And I don't know what to solve this problem that why i share it with you 

Any advice ? feel free to comment.
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