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sup dudes and dudettes. clearing out my drafts and I will work on the stories asap :) school's draining. my math teacher is horrifying. and this outfit is the one that they put on net-a-porter.

however, I'm nice enough to provide you with A LOT OF COLTON :D for my disappearance.

{ doll faces and sailor mouths }
Jolie Noel

I came back to the motel after work, plopping down on the bed and laying out the money I had collected from my most recent paycheck. I grinned at it. "Good." I said, stacking it back up into a little pile and tying a rubber band around it. I shoved it into my secret place and smiled. Soon, I could get out of this crappy, STD-infested motel and maybe into one of those apartments. It was better than this by miles.

I heard knocks on my door, and I wasn't exactly changed for anybody to come over. I had on some short lounge shorts and a tank top, nothing else underneath. I skipped to the door, still in a happy mood, and peeked through the peephole. I almost screamed when I saw who was on the other side. I swung the door open and my little sister, Scarlett (Ashley Greene), jumped onto me with a hug.

"Jo!" She squealed, swaying from side to side.

When we pulled away, I was smiling like a little crazy girl. "I can't believe you're here! Oh my God!"

"Right?!" She beamed and kicked the door shut. "You're not living too bad compared to where we came from, really."

"Have you seen the things that go on just out there?"

Scar shrugged, nodding a bit. "I guess that's true."

"Anyway," I said excitedly, "you're actually here! Oh, wow. What are we gonna do?"

"Well... I was thinking you could show me around? Take me out? I have too much energy to be cooped up in a room." She pouted.

I just jumped in excitement. Scarlett was my sister and my best friend. She was the only part about home that I missed. "Sure. I'm just gonna get changed."

As I went off to grab a few clothes, my phone started ringing wildly. Scar just stared at me with a curious look as I answered. "Hello?"

"Hey." It was Nolan. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Oh." I blurted out stupidly. "Well, I don't know. My sister is here."

"Your little sister?" Nolan asked, and I saw Scarlett wave her hands and mouth, 'Who is that?' I covered the speaker and whispered, 'A boy?' Scarlett made a face and started to raise her eyebrows. "Hello?"

"Hey, yeah. Yeah, my little sister." I said.

"Well, I don't want to intrude... but maybe we can go out?"

I pondered the idea for a second and a light bulb flashed above my head. "Sounds good. Can you come in about an hour?"

"I'll see you then." He said, sounding rather happy as he hung up.

Scarlett looked completely confused as I dialed another number. "Hello?" Justin picked up.

"You're going out with me tonight. My little sister is in town."

"What?" Justin laughed. "I'm what? Your what?"

"Come to the motel in an hour. I'll see you here. Okay?"

"Uh..." Justin chuckled awkwardly, "see you then."

I threw my phone on my bed with a wide grin on my face. I turned to Scarlett and she looked scared and nervous. She already knew what was happening. This happened a few times already. I was always the conniving one with the plans. "We're going on a double date tonight, my dearest sister."

* * * *

Justin and Scarlett were getting on great, thank goodness. I knew I was goddamn cupid. I turned to look at Nolan and he smiled at me. "She looks like you, you know."

"She's prettier." I mumbled, shrugging lightly.

"Remember before when I said that it was hard to believe that?" He brushed my cheek lightly with his thumb. I just looked at him in the eyes and nodded. "Well, I don't mean to pick favourites, but you're my choice." He flashed a grin and kissed my cheek softly.

I looked down with a shy smile, blood rising to my cheeks. When I finally looked up, I saw Scarlett look at me and widen her eyes quickly. Oh, shit. I knew I was going to have to explain this when we got back to the motel. 

I excused myself to go to the washroom, and smart little Scarlett did the same. I figured I would get this talk over with. As soon as we walked into the washroom, Scarlett shoved my shoulder lightly. "What was that?! That was absolutely adorable."

I shrugged. "That was Nolan kissing my cheek."

"Yeah, mumbling a bunch of sweet nothings, too, wasn't he?"

"Maybe." I shrugged again.

"Stop playing it off, Jo!" She chuckled. "Look at you. You're blushing. And he's hot as hell."

"Yeah, I know." I chuckled. "But there's just been some things happening lately that's been making it all difficult and stuff... I don't know."

"Well, make it less difficult! He's hot, you're hot, and you know what, he seems interested."

"Enough about me. Justin seems interested." I switched the topic. Scarlett looked around and bit down on her lip. Oh, this bad already huh? "And you are interested, too, aren't you!"

"He's cute! You are the perfect matchmaker!" Scarlett laughed and pulled me into a hug.

"You're welcome." I shook my head, grabbing the handle to the door and pulling it open.

"Thank you." Scarlett smiled at me before we both walked out of the washroom. The boys were still sitting down but the table was cleared. "Did the bill come already?" Scar asked.

Nolan shrugged while Justin smiled. "We took care of it, no worries." Justin nodded as he slid out of the booth and walked out of the restaurant with Scarlett.

I smiled as the two of them walked ahead of us and looked so cute. I heard Nolan laugh next to me. My head snapped to look at him and my brows furrowed in confusion. "What's so funny?"

"Your little sister is growing up. Awww." He nudged me.

I rolled my eyes, sighing. "Shut up. I'm just glad I had some say in a boy she was dating. She hasn't always had the best choices."

"Really?" Nolan asked. "And you've had the better choices?"

I bit down on my lip, my heart racing a bit faster than usual when I looked up to him. He was smiling down at me, waiting for a reply. "Well, I mean, you're standing next to me... aren't you?" I whispered.

Nolan's smile beamed into a wide grin as he took my hand and crashed his lips down to mine. I let my hands rise up to his hair, pushing him closer to me. His body was now pressed against mine as he hugged my waist.

God, what was I doing.

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