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I was tagged by @every-me in her pretty set here:
Create a set and title it with lyrics from one of your favorite songs. ---> Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructible
In that set, use an item from this set. ---> I used the text arctile background.
-Take this "this or that" survey by putting a * next to the ones you prefer:
Coffee* - Tea*
Classy* - Casual*
Heels* - Flats*
LA - New York*
Shopping - The Movies*
Funny Guys - Really Romantic Guys ('really' is too much, 'funny' is great, but Charming Guys are the best)
The Hunger Games - Harry Potter*
Gossip Girl - Pretty Little Liars (None)
Movies*- Books*
Disney* - Nickelodeon
Awesome Party* - Awesome Date*
Pinterest* - Facebook
Toms - Vans (None)
Converse* - Uggs
Hollister, A&F - Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 (I chose Zara)
Skinny Guys - Muscular Guys (In the middle)
Paris* - London*

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