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“Your room is a disaster.” Jordyn said looking around at my current living situation. I had coerced her to go out with me tonight after her rehearsal instead of wallowing in her own misery over the fact that her so called boyfriend was more and more unavailable due to his upcoming nuptials. I had no idea of what the f.uck was wrong with her.
“That’s not my bedroom, that’s Eli’s.” I said walking further down the hallway to my bedroom which is, of course, better...but not so much. 
“Oh.” She said biting her lip and smirking at me in an unnerving way. 
“What is that face about?” I asked pointing a finger at her as I slipped my jeans and tee shirt off and exchanged them for a short skirt and a band shirt I’d turned into a tank. 
“What face?” She asked, playing innocent as she sat on my bed and folded her legs up under her. 
“The smirky “I'm biting my lip” one!” I replied. 
She shrugged. “You never told me you lived with Eli Brooks.” She said. “I had to find that out from him.” 
“You never asked. Why are you interested?” I smirked at her, knowing that she was going somewhere with this, even if she'd probbaly never confess.
“No.” She said simply. “And he’s not either. He set a date with me and stood me up. Besides by the look of these men’s jeans?” She said pulling them out from under the sheets at the foot of my bed. 
Ops. “Those could be anyone’s. And I'm surprised he stood you up.” 
“I'm not.”
"Why?" I asked, raising one eyebrow. I was surprised that she wasn't.
"Because I mean, I'm-" She sharted but I cut her off.
I raised one hand and rolled my eyes, "No, please no."
"What?" She widened her eyes at me, looking confused.
"I'm not ready for listening to me whining about how s.hitty your sentimental life is and you can't find a decent guy, if Bryce doesn't want you then why anyone else would..." I trailed off and glanced at the blank expression on her face, "The list goes on." I grinned.
"Aren't you a little b.itch?" She said slowly as a grin appeared on her lips. Thank god she wasn't mad.
"Maybe. But I'm also right." I shrugged casually, bending over my bed in an attempt to pick up my lingerie and make my room look better but I gave up instead. It was useless.
She walked over my desk and leaned her a.ss against it, her arms crossing against her chest as she watched me closely. "I'd never say those things." She protested, then sighed when I raised one eyebrow at her, "Okay maybe I might. If I'm drunk. Sad drunk."
"Or sober, happy sober." I joked, grabbing Eli's jeans and walking out of my room to throw them on his bed before going back to Jordyn who was still scanning my room like she was expecting to find something compromising. Or dead.
"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked giving me an amused look.
"Tell you what?" I blinked at her, totally clueless.
"That you're f.ucking Eli." She smirked.
I let out a small laugh and tolled my eyes, "I thought you'd read it on the newspaper." I joked, not making a big deal about it because really, it wasn't. We were just two roommates that f.ucked occasionally, it was that simple.
“I don’t get the newspaper.” Jordyn teased as I unhooked a bra from the headboard of my bed and threw it into the laundry basket. 
“You really should. Keeps you updated on current events.” I said seriously, struggling to keep a straight face as she shook her head. 
“The current events I care about? Are what bands are playing where and why my friends never tell me anything.” She made a deal about making a huge pouty face and I ran my fingers through my hair. 
“Because you never ask. Your too busy with your own shi.t.” 
Her mouth dropped open and then she shut it, not having a comeback. I didn't mean to be harsh or complain, just state a fact. “Okay I deserved that. Still what happened to talk blonde and brooding?” She smirked. 
“Nothing happened to him.” I said and shrugged, wondering where the h.ell Jamie had disappeared. That was so not him, but on the other hand I couldn't really claim anything considering my attempts to push him away which, I supposed, had worked eventually. 
“You just don’t like him anymore.” She pushed. 
I stopped tidying and looked up at her as I slipped into a pair of studded boots that had actually been a Christmas present from her last year. “You might be burdened with strong feelings for the men you get into bed with….” I started and then smirked at her. “Oh sorry. I meant man.” She narrowed her eyes on me but didn’t speak. “But I don’t have that problem. It’s just sex. Just like with Eli.” I added even though it wasn't not completely true.
“You know most people wouldn’t call feelings a burden.” 
“You would have before your precious Bryce.” I pointed out, remembering how she was before that j.erk...maybe that was too much too, but it was still better than this, at least she never got hurt.
“Looks like I grew up.” She winked at her.
"Yep." I nodded my head in agreement as I opened one of mt drawers, "Straight to 50."
"I look hot for being 50." She grinned and gave me an amused look.
"There's nothing to be happy about." I sighed, shaking my head as I reached for a white tank top, changing my mind again about my outfit for the night.
She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at me, "Make up your mind Jade." She scoffed.
I peeled my t-shirt off my body, the black piece of fabric landing on the bed a second later while I raised one eyebrow at my friend. What was she talking about? "I'm not following you." I admitted.
Her eyes dropped down on my bra before she furrowed her brows at me, "You have really small boobies."
I laughed at the expression on her face, which was beyond funny, "This is brand new information." I grinned, sighing as I slid my top on quickly.
"Anyway." She composed herself, tucking her hair behind her ears, "You can't complain about me being all sad and mopey but also complain when I'm happy and silly."
"I wasn't complaining, just teasing." I smirked. She was so much fun when she was happy.
"Good." She said simply, shrugging and a grin appeared on her lips. Oh I knew that grin way too well.
I walked over her and set my hands on my hips as I narrowed my eyes on her, "Something happened...right?"
"I don't know what you're talking about." She faked innocence, which didn't really fit her.
"Spill the beans." I ordered as I slumped on the bed next to her, beyond curious about whatever was the cause of her good mood.
“Well for one thing you are being unusually silly and happy which is so not like you lately.”
“You try being silly and happy when your boyfriend is getting married.” She said, folding her arms over her chest. 
How could she even call him her boyfriend? He was something else's fiancè, for f.ucks sake. I decided to let it go and focused to the funny part of our conversation. “And besides that? You made your hot guy face!” 
She rose an eyebrow at me. “My what?” 
I smirked at her and shrugged. “You have this face you make when you’re thinking about a guy naked.” I said seriously. 
She widened my eyes. “I do not!!!!” 
“Yup yup you do. So what was that about?” 
She shrugged. “Maybe it was about your roommates jeans in your bed.” 
“Well if you wanted to know what Eli looked like naked you just had to ask.” I grinned wickedly, remembering my conversation with him. 
“Ask who. You? Or him.” 
“Either.” I grinned “Though he’d probably be better.” 
She shook her head and rolled her eyes at me. “Actually I was just admiring your family photo…..” She trailed off, walking up to it and biting her lip as she let her eyes wander over my brother. Oh please.
“Gross. That I can’t help you with.” 
She sighed. “That’s too bad…..”
I got up and walked over her, my hand grabbing the framed photo and pushing it flat against my desk. "You're being borderline creepy."
She bit her lip in a lame attempt to hide her grin, shrugging her shoulders innocently, "You know what's creepy?" She asked.
I raised one eyebrow at her, wondering where this was going, "No. Enlight me." I snorted, crossing my arms over my chest.
"You dating a guy who looks like your brother." She said with a straight face.
My jaw dropped open as my eyes widened. What? Again? "Jamie doesn't look like Nick at all." I protested.
She finally let a grin play on her lips, obviously amused, "Well, they're both tall, god looking, blond long hair..."
"Jamie cut his hair." I cut her off, snorting.
"Is that why you don't like him anymore?" She teased me and I swear I was one second from kicking her skinny a.ss out of my apartment.
"I still like him." I glared at her, my words surprising me. Of course I knew I liked him, but hearing it was all another story. I noticed the look on Jordyn's face and narrowed my eyes at her, "And we're not dating for f.uck's sake."
"Such a language." She giggled like the silly girl she was, heading back to my bed and sitting on its edge.
"You're exasperating sometimes." I muttered under my breath, ignoring her as I scanned my desk, looking for something that could make my mood lighter.
"I ran into him yesterday." She said casually, winning my attention back.
I turned to her, blinking my eyes, "Jamie?"
"No, Nick." She answered shortly.
"And?" I urged, burning with curiosity.
“And? And nothing.” 
I smirked. “You’ve always had a crush on my brother Jord admit it.” 
She rolled her eyes. “He’s nice to look at” She agreed. "But that doesn’t mean I have a crush on him." 
“He didn’t even know who I was Jade. Which doesn’t matter because A. I have a boyfriend. And B.? I'm WAY out of Nick’s league.” 
I stopped looking for some of my sweet medicine and glared at her. She needed to stop calling that j.erk her boufriend. “Okay first of all? I barely call what you and your vertically challenged boy toy have is a relationship, so I wouldn’t keep calling him your boyfriend. Secondly? If you want to talk about out of peoples leagues…..” 
“Oh blah blah Bryce isn’t good enough for me.” She shook her head.
“Not just not good enough for you Jordan. His d.ick must be huge for you to keep going back to him that’s all I'm saying.” 
“Not everything is about sex in relationships Jade.” 
“Yeah….and you and Bryce do sooo much more huh? You have a deep emotional connection?” 
She narrowed her eyes on me. “Because you know so much about emotional connections right?” She shook her head. She was right, but even a kid would understand that you can't have any kind of sentimental relationship with someone who's engaged. “Are we going out or not? I want to be really drunk.”
"Of course we're going out." I muttered under my breath, ignoring the part where she pointed out my emotional issues. At least I didn't make a fool of myself.
"Don't be a grumpy baby." She sighed and relaxed.
I gave her my biggest fake smile, looking at her through my lashes, "I'm so happy I could die." I said through my clenched teeth.
She rolled her eyes and made a silly face, waving her hand in the air casually, making me smile sincerely this time. "Where are we going?" She asked.
I furrowed my brows, thinking about where we were going to get drunk. Then I had an idea. "I need to make a call."
"Take your time." She shrugged and sat on the chair in front of my desk as I reached for my phone and dialed my brother's number. Poor Jordyn she had no idea of how impossible I was going to make her life.
"Hey." I said into my phone as my brother picked up the call with a grunt. So classy and poetic. "Where are you?"
"Usual bar....why?" He asked cautiously, probably guessing that I was up to something.
"I want to spend some quality time with you." I grinned, glancing at Jordyn who was looking at me with a puzzled expression on her face, "I hope you're not with a girl."
"Nah I'm with the guys...are you alone?"
"Perfect, I'll see you there." I said enthusiastically, avoiding his last question as I hung up. A surprise is a surprise.
"Jamie?" Jordyn asked, a grin on her lips already ready to tease me.
"Almost." I grinned wider, "Nick."
Jordyn narrowed her eyes at me and folded her arms over her chest. “Why is it that one second you’re telling me looking at your brothers picture is borderline creepy and the next you’re inviting him to go out with us?” She asked me. 
I shrugged and made my best innocent face. Truth was, I liked Jordyn and if my brother was a way to distract her from the midget and at the same time Nick could be distracted from his awful girls...it was a win win. Also I knew how embarrassed she was going to be and that meant lots of fun for me. “I just want quality time with my brother is that so hard to believe?” 
She shrugged. “No but if it’s family bonding night I should just go out with Roan instead of you.” 
“Is he in town?” I asked as I walked out of my room and grabbed my keys, her following like I knew she was. 
“No.” She admitted, pouting a little as I grinned back at her. 
“Then you can share my quality bonding time.” I said as we reached the door to my apartment. 
She blocked it and raised a brow at me. “Do you WANT me to hook up with your brother?” She asked her seriously. 
I shook my head. “I know better than that Jord. You don’t like tall guys anyways.” I said trying not to burst out laughing and she shook ger head. 
“You think you’re making my life difficult but as long as we’re going to a place with alcohol I don’t care who else is there.” She said as she followed me again towards the elevator. 
I pushed the button and waited for the numbers to change before turning to her. “Because you secretly like the idea that Nick will be there.” 
“Because even if I did? He wouldn't take a second glance at me. I think he’s said 10 words to me since I’ve known him.” 
“That’s just my brother. He’s probably only said 20 to me.” I said grinning to myself. 
“Oh yeah, that’s just what I want in a man. Silence.” 
I stepped into the elevator, dragging her in with me. “Actions speak much louder than words Jordyn.”
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