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fact of life: it's HARD to be a best friend.
As amazing as it is to have that one person that you can fully trust and be yourself with and tell anything to and be honest with, it's tough, it really is. Honestly, it's kind of like being married to someone lol. when you're with a person so much, you have to learn to accept a lot of things about them and still love them and you have to compromise and get over arguments and avoid jealousy. just. like. a. marriage. 


you can't really search out for having a best friend... it just kind of comes naturally. obviously, you won't be automatic best friends. Even after a month or two, she could be a little creeped out if that's your new title :)
Just talk to a lot of people. In your classes, at lunch, at football games... try to be more outgoing and see who you click with. It could be the most unexpected person. get there number, text, talk in person, go shopping.... whatever floats your boat! eventually, maybe you've found yourself a bestie ♥


you and your best friend are bound to be similar! as for me and mine, our personalities are very alike... we often say the same things at the same time and "read" eachothers minds. we dress very similar and will occasionally accidentally match.

So, that's great... you've found someone a lot like you. having someone like that is an amazing thing... you can easily sympathize and know what's wrong. you can tell when they're mad or sad or upset. it just bonds you a lot closer if you're similar.

buuuut. the important thing is to remember that you are different people. don't compare yourself to the other. you are DIFFERENT. maybe one is awesome at tennis, and you aren't. that doesn't mean they're better. maybe you're better at baking cookies, that doesn't mean you are the cooler one.
lol weird analogies but still!!


this goes along with the last one.
basically, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. don't compare yourselves to one another, ever. don't think your best friend is better than you or vice versa. 

remember that they are your friend. are you really being a good friend if you're hoping they fail at something? if they're running for asb, vote for them and help them campaign. if they're trying out for cheer, work on the cheers with them. if they're trying to get a high test score, study with them. tearing someone else down, especially your best friend, is just plain mean... it's not going to lead you anywhere but a fight.

don't compete with one another and just stay happy for each other! 
my best friend a few years ago would compete over everything... i mean EVERYTHING. who was skinnier, who was prettier, who had the most friends, who had guys that liked her.
that's a TOXIC friendship. all it's going to lead to is you guys fighting and tearing each other down. 

and guess what? i haven't spoken to this girl in about 6 months. we were inseparable for 2 years. don't lose your best friend. it isn't worth it. 


you're going to fight with your best friend. end of story. like i said, it's like a marriage. you're going to fight... you just have to make up. 

even over stupid things like a pair of shoes you both want. or bigger things like someone feeling like they're being replaced. 

the thing is: they're your best friend. what's more important to you? what would you rather lose?

be honest with one another. talk about things that are making you upset instead of bottling them up and silently trying to hurt them. 

my best friend & I trust each other to let the other know what's upsetting them in they're friendship. honestly, it's why we hardly ever fight. 

sure, maybe we get annoyed with each other, but we don't fightfight.

you really have to talk it out, no matter how much you don't want to. not speaking to one another won't solve anything, i promise you that. 


having a best friend is great. seriously. 
she'll be the one person to tell you if you can see your panties through your dress or if your hair is all greasy on the top or that you've got lipstick all over your teeth. they'll be completely honest with you and it won't be uncomfortable to be completely honest right back.

you have someone to rely on all the time. you have someone to look at when the teacher says you have a group project.

you have someone that understands everything you laugh at and someone who with one glance knows what you're thinking.

it's like having a sister.

it's just an amazing thing to have with a person. and who knows? maybe you'll still be having sleepovers when you're 45!! 

it's all worth figuring out all the bad stuff, i promise ♥
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