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  • Phi Scissors from HAY
    Phi Scissors from HAY
    This beautiful pair of scissors not only adds glamour to your workday but is a handy addition to any office or kitchen. Dimensions: Small L 19 cm. Materials: Carbon, Gold plated handles.
  • Hay - Colour Binder
    Hay - Colour Binder
    Folders mustn’t look boring! The Scholten & Baijings designed Hay Colour Binder folders make shelves more colourful. The Netherlands designer duo Scholten & Baijings is known for curious colour combinations and patterns. Their colourful designs enter the office with the Colour Binders now, since the folders with harmonic colours erase the grey office sadness. The colourful folders by Hay are combinable – this ensures individual mixtures in shelves and it organizes the contents of the folders on the first sight with different colours. Each colour has four different colour mixtures, so that two folders of the same edition can have different designs. Hay produces the Colour Binders of cardboard and textile; there are two chrome-plated rings to file documents inside.
  • Hay - Spine Clip Board
    Hay - Spine Clip Board
    That’s how working in the office becomes funny: The Spine Clip Board by Hay has an unmistakable appearance and practical advantages. The Spine Clip Board hides its content between two tops. The documents inside are safely protected as well as in a folder. The colourful Spine was created by the German designer Clara von Zweigberg, who gave the unmistakable appearance to the board. The name -Spine” comes from the colourful backside. While the cover and the inside of the clip board by Hay were kept in harmonic pastel tones, so that the neon appearance of the back is a direct eye-catcher. Even if the Spine Clip Board remains in a wardrobe, it will add a bit of vivacity to the office. Hay produces the Spine Clip Board out of stable cardboard and the clip inside of it is made of chrome-plated metal.
  • Hay - Multipurpose office scissors
    Hay - Multipurpose office scissors
    The most common everyday objects are often forgotten. Hay noticed such problems and presented an object that mustn’t hide in the drawer: the multipurpose office scissors. With this scissors Hay introduces colours into the grey office life. Good and clear design characterizes the cutting tool by the Danish manufacturer. Hay manufactures the scissors out of stainless steel and plastic, ensuring longevity and sharp blades. Paper and thin cardboard are cut without any problems with the Hay scissors. But this scissor doesn’t only in the office, but also for handicraft and tinkering. Both halves of the scissors are made out of one piece of stainless steel each one, without breaking the design or separating the grasp. A plastic frame inside of the grasp ensures ergonomics and cutting comfort. The brass finish offers a noble appearance to the scissors. The black edition however, seems timeless and simple.
  • Wooden Ruler by HAY
    Wooden Ruler by HAY
    A range of fun colourful rulers from HAY. Please note you cannot specify the colour / design / length. Materials: Beech. Dimensions: L20, 25 and 30cm.
  • Hay - Archive Hill
    Hay - Archive Hill
    The Archive series by Hay is a small collection of different deposits and storage possibilities. Besides the desk tray Archive and the storage suitcase Archive Hill Storage, the Archive Hills are also suitable to keep things tidy in the office and at home. Archive Hill offers three large paper deposit trays in the common clear Hay design: The three compartments are slightly displaced in order to offer easy access all the time. The design still reminds embossed by vertical and horizontal lines, which won’t disturb the clear impression. Thanks to the dimensions, the Hay Archive Hill is perfectly suitable for DIN A4 sheets. This is how the organization of correspondence documents remains clear and tidy.
  • Brass Scissors by Hay
    Brass Scissors by Hay
    A simple stylish pair of scissors produced by danish furniture company HAY. Part of their new line of affordable accessories. Dimensions: L20cm. Materials: Brass with plastic handle.
  • Hay - Organizer Pen
    Hay - Organizer Pen
    For our small everyday things… Pens, hairpins, office material and much more small things make us company in our everyday. Altogether is therefore much more beautiful when it has its determined place and mustn’t be searched for a while. The Organizer series by the Danish manufacturer Hay offers such a firm place. Small things of our life will be tidily organized with the helping boxes consisting of differently sized and coloured powder coated steel containers. The containers are stackable inside each other and can be used alone or in groups. Whether on desks as sets of documents storage, office clip dispensers and pen holders or in the bathroom to store nails-paint, lipstick & Co. – the organizers by Hay find usage in nearby every place. Organizer Pen is the pen holder of the Organizer series. Offer a fix place to your pencils, colour pens, ball pens, fountain pens or brushes on top of your desk, Organizer Pen convinces with its simple geometric form and it is available in many different colours.
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