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You were currently getting off of the beach and heading to the showers to freshen up. When you got out of the ocean you decided that you wanted to go penny boarding on the boardwalk. You showered and got dressed. You made sure you had everything. You had your phones, headphones, glasses, mascara and all that stuff. When you were done you made your way to the Boardwalk. You walked around for a while, looking for a great place to start skateboarding. You found a place and hopped on your penny board. You put your headphones in and blasted your music so you wouldn't have any distractions. 
After skateboarding for a while you heard a bunch of noisy boys. You didn't pay attention to them because you had your headphones on. After about 5 minutes someone else that was skateboarding ran right into you. You fell off your board and the boy FLEW off his. You were upset because he should've watched were he was going, but you hoped he was okay. You got up and walked over to him.
"Oh my gosh. Are you ok?"
"Uhh no. Can you help me up?"
When you looked him in the face you noticed it was Hayes. You grabbed his hand and helped him up, guiding him to a bench.
"I'm Hayes, sorry I ran into you. I wasn't really paying attention."
"That's okay. And my name is Brianna. I wasn't paying attention either I had my music so loud."
You and Hayes started laughing because it was both of your faults. You noticed he had some cuts and bruises.
"Do those hurt Hayes?"
"Yeah but don't worry about them."
"No no, it's okay I wanna help you."
You reached into your purse and pulled out the little first aid kit you always carried. 
"Okay this might sting but I need to clean it."
Hayes took your hand and you put the alcohol pad over his cuts.
"Ssss that does sting."
He started squeezing your hand.
"Okay I'm just gonna put some neosporon and bandage it up."
He nodded at you telling you to proceed. When you finished you sat next to Hayes on the bench.
"Hey Brianna, thanks for helping me. I would love to get to know you so maybe we should hang out sometime? You seem really cool and your gorgeous. "
"No problem Hayes and I'd love that. Just give me your number."
You handed him your phone and put in his number.
"We'll I gotta go Brianna just text me sometime."
He got up to leave but stopped to give you a kiss on the cheek. He started limping off but paused and turned around.
"Sorry again for crashing into you. Thanks for all the help nurse. I'll see you soon beautiful."
And that day was just the start to you and Hayes relationship. ❤
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