I've decided to post my own K-pop playlist; the top ten songs that I've been listening to like crazy for weeks now, and that I totally recommend for others.

So, enjoy!

(no particular order)

1. Infinite - Feel So Bad 
~ It has such a sad message; the person you love with your friend and you must accept that they cannot be yours. Yet, the tune is happy and fun to sing too. I really like all the elements of this song.

2. A-Pink - My My
This song is so cute, along with the dance ^^ So far it's my favorite A-Pink song :)

3. U-Kiss - Words That Hurt Me 
I love the little piano intro in the beginning ^.^ One of my favorite U-Kiss songs.

4. Spica - I'll Be There
A great old school song that has a catchy, happy feel. The live performances are so good, mostly because the girls can sing great live but also because they look so happy performing the song :)

5. 2pm - 10 out 10
Suddenly heard this song again on Seoul.fm and I fell in love. This song is not only good and fun to sing and dance too, but their debut stage is amazing 0.0 I went back to watch it and wow, I kind of wish 2pm stuck with their b-boy style. 

6. Rania - Style 
Love this song and Rania. Even though my favorite groups right now are still A-Pink, Secret and 4minute...Spica and Rania are climbing up the list. Both groups have such amazing girls that can really sing. S-T-Y-L-E

7. B.A.P -No Mercy
So happy I get to see this song live this Saturday ^^ Such a energetic song sung and rapped by manly guys :D

8 A-Pink - It Girl
Love this song as well, it was my first real A-Pink song that got me into the group ^^ 

9. Infinite - I Like You
Infinite <3 This song makes me smile so much whenever I hear it! If a boy sung this song to me I would be so happy! Or BETTER YET INFINITE! :D

10. U-Kiss - I Don't Understand
Another one of my favorite U-Kiss songs :) I love Kiseop's line "and I see you, cause I feel you!" Omo, I'm going to ignore the engrish and just love it because it's him. 
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