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24. What is your eye color?
The rim is dark grey, then lighter grey (which will look green or sometimes blue in different lights) then yellow-orange (central heterochromia...Wot wot!)
25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
No. I guess pepsi max (or perhaps it's zero?) tastes more like fizzy cola bottle candy but other than that nope. I don't really care either.

26. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
These are some hard-hitting questions, aren't they? hmm...if I had to choose (like it was a life and death situation and hugh jackman was singing me the question) I would say.... Ben & Jerry's phish food. And then I might change my mind some more times (resulting in hugh realising that he loves my indecisive ways, and we frolic off to showtune land, singing sweet harmonies as we skip).
27. Describe the outfit you wore yesterday.
My outfit is a lot nicer today so I shall answer this for today (Hugh Jackman is sighing at me, but he is also smizing...? I am not sure if he is pleased or displeased?) Okay so today I wore my black velvet dress, sparkly polka-dot tights, jack wills Party pants (hugh jackman says that there was no reason for me to mention this, and that I am such a name-dropper...we are in an argument), primark ballerina flats that sorta look the ones the english twin in parent trap wore when she gets dropped off at camp, a sweater from forever 21, primark pearl headband, and primark pearl earrings. 
28. Do you wear makeup?
Sometimes. Like it really depends. Sometimes I'll wear concealer under my eyes, or lipstick, or blush. I haven't really figured any of the other stuff out yet. (hugh jackman nods in understanding. I think we are friends again).

29. What's your favorite food?
As of right now it's both porridge and chicken donegal. Porridge because I made it for myself this morning and it was like a proper achievement, and i'm pretty proud of myself (Hugh Jackman is also proud). Chicken Donegal because like 3 years ago my aunt made some, and i loved it and I really wanted my mum to make it (THIS was before I was a competent porridge-making grown-up-type-person who is friends with imaginary Hugh Jackman) She kept getting the recipe, but never making it. So now in my mind Chicken Donegal is like the best thing ever.
30. What's your favorite song at the moment?
sea of love by cat power

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1. name; Lydia Rose Trelawney -------------
2. something that not many people know you own; 
A tumblr.

3. what you're eating/drinking right now; 
I just ate porridge.

4. favourite piece of jewellery or clothing; The coat, dress, shoes, and accessories I wore to my grandmothers funeral on monday. They are very bright and springlike...and very very classy.
5. your current desktop background; An illustration of the london skyline
6. your favourite poster on your wall; I don't have any posters up yet
7. your favourite thing that you own; STABILO PENS
8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD; Of my physical CDs, I would pick the Spiderman: turn off the dark soundtrack
9. the last person you talked to; Jess, our lodger

10. what do you think is your best facial feature; it changes (hugh jackman is sighing yet again) I'm gonna have to say my eyes

11. are you loud or quiet when you're mad/upset/etc: 
If it's my family, I'll start with threats...then I'll get really quiet, and if I'm still really angry I'll turn hulk-like, and start throwing stuff. If it isn't my family, I'll usually just get upset.
12. who's the last person you hugged; my twin

13. favourite movie; Grey Gardens (mostly because I am related to the people who directed it...also because it is freakin' awesome.)

14. three things you'd like to say to someone that you've been hiding; Leave me alone...like seriously. I mean, if you don't like me...fine whatever. But don't tell me things that I already know. I KNOW I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS...you pointing that out makes me even more uncomfortable, and makes me want hide away in the library forever.
15. Name the last person you kissed: some family member probably (ON THE CHEEK)
16. did you think of a certain person when asked #15? Nope
17. you can have one of the follow two things, Love or Trust: Trust. definitley trust. I'm very untrusting, so it would be great to have some trust in people.

18. when was the last time you told someone honestly how you felt, regardless of how difficult it was; Last week, at my counselor's appointment
19. name the five main things you look for in a guy/girl; 
-respect for what I like (musical theatre amirite Hugh Jackman?)
-looks good in scarves and/ or turtle necks (lol)
-is quiet, but will make the first move


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