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Wednesday: Since Vogue was so nice to give you the day off yesterday, they are going to treat you like slaves today. Every department is packed; you’ll be surprised if you even get a potty brake. Journalism, doing restaurant reviews and getting the perspective of the every day Belgium woman. Fashion, Accessories, and Beauty buying for Vogue all day, we know heels are cute, but you might want to opt for some flats today, you’ll be thanking us later. Booking will be scoping out the local modeling agencies and getting a new batch of model profiles. Photography will be taking pictures of the local sights for a spread in the magazine.

"thanks God i've bring my boots" i said sitting down on a chair of a Cafe. do you know what it means one day of complete work shopping? it means a milion of kilometres with a tons of bags
"Lex i swear, if you don't stop to stare at this f.ucking Blackberry i will kill you" i yelled to Alexa who is completely absente minded
"what?" she asked me dropping dow her phone
"i told you that you need to calm down! he's working like us, so don't worry if he don't call you, you can see him tonight" i fumed taking a sip of fresh water
"i know it but, he's working with models!" she muttered 
"and so?he loves you remeber?" and he love just you i would like to add
"let's go we have a tons of thing to buy" she said rising up from the chair leaving some change on the table

"so i found this with these heels and this fabulous dress with this jacket. oh and you know what? i hooked up with 3 men" i said, her head snapped up and her eyes were big
"it will be great if you will pay attention to what i'm saying instead of gluing your eyes to your Blackberry" i said laughing, handing the clothes to tha lady at the check out, she laughed tossing her phone on her Chanel
"i swear, no more phone till the hotel" she said taking the huge plastic bag full of clothes
"i don't belive you, give it to me" i said stretching out my hand
"what?" she asked confused
"give me your Blackberry, we have to check just two more shops, it will be quickly if you don't look at you phone every 30 seconds" i explained her waiting for the Blackberry
"oh gosh, take care of it" i laughed tossing her phone on my bag
"it will be fine" i smiled checking the map of the shops

"give it to me" Lex was stretching out her hand waiting for her phone, we are finally back to the hotel and she cannot wait anymore to call Jason
"oh gosh, here you are" i muttered giving her the Blackberry, she smiled like a baby with a new toy and walked away leaving all the bags on the floor
"thanks friend!" i yelled and as i turn a little to fast i bumped into a blonde girl
"sorry" i muttered yet pissed off
"it looks like someone had a great shopping day, need help?" she asked me looking at my bags
"it's my work, but maybe it will be great" i replied smiled
"i'm Felicity Morington, and i work for Vogue" i said stretching out my hand
"really? i'm the new intern, Samantha Hale, nice to meet you" she shake my hand with a big smile
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