SUNDAY - [reusing it since no one got to it] Sister Catherine and Sister Corinne are giving an educational lecture on proper conduct between the sexes after Wednesday's intermingling with the boys. Attendance is mandatory.

Story is coming, have to write a page for my paper before I can do more polyvore :'(

Dylan walked down the dreary hall to her cell, humming a familiar tune from where she wasn't sure. It had been a while since Cherry Cherie made an appearance and it made Dylan positively happy, she actually smiles now. She passes Dr Kent's lab and she sticks her tongue out at the door. Dylan smiled at the thought of Dr. Kent not having any reason to use his favorite form of therapy on her. He must be itching for a relapse, she thought. Well, f*ck you. She was finally doing semi-okay. She wouldn't admit it to herself but her progress might have to do with a certain brother duo. She blushed just thinking of the older one.

She was so deep in thought she did not realize a blonde sitting on the lower bunk. The girl cleared her throat and Dylan shrieked.

"JESUS, you scared the sh*t out of me!" she exclaimed.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm Felice.. I'm your new roommate?" She replied, eyeing Dylan. "I don't mean to be rude, but you shouldn't use the lords name in vain."

Dylan just stared at her. Great, she thought, I'm stuck with jesus lover barbie. She sighed.

"Okay, look, I'm not a bible toting heels to jesus kind of girl. Could you keep it to yourself"

Felice narrowed her eyes but didn't say anything. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and agreed to keep it to herself.

Dylan stood a few moments more before leaving the room. She really did not like the idea of having a roommate, realizing she had grown accustomed to having it to herself.. well to themselves. Dylan walked back to the common room and decided to read one of the tattered hardbacks that were on the shelves. She was soon joined by Elsa who dropped into the worn chair next to her.

"What are you reading?" she asked. Dylan just showed her the front of the book but didn't say a word. "Okay...? Someones in a bad mood.." Elsa replied, rolling her eyes.

Dylan sighed and closed the book, got up and returned it to the shelf before rejoining Elsa. "I'm Sorry" Dylan replied, giving her a half smile, "I'm just thrown off by the arrival of my new roommate."

"Ohh you mean Felice Foncesca?" Dylan nodded.

"You know her?"

Elsa shrugged her shoulder, "yeah just a little bit, well I basically just know of her. I heard my brother talk about her"

"please tell me what you know." Dylan pleaded

Elsa pitied Dylan because she knew what exactly she was up against with her new roommate. "She's the devil." Dylan's stomach dropped, "Supposedly she killed her entire family and is now possessed by a demon." Elsa stated matter-of-factly.

Dylan wide eyes conveyed everything she was thinking but couldn't say because she was speechless. F*cking great, Dylan thought, I finally get better and am now going to die by the hands of my roommate, the devil. She didn't have any time to speak after that because Sister Catherine strode into the room a long with the over residents of Sacred Cross. Dylan curled her fists when Felice walked in, her skin so taut over her knuckles that it turned pale white. Sister Catherine quieted the room down and started talking. Dylan usually tuned Sister Catherine out, but today it was a welcome distraction. Half way into her speech, Dylan could feel someone looking at her. It was Greggory. He was staring at her even when she made eye contact. She blushed under his gaze and forced her gaze somewhere else. After Sister Catherine was done, everyone got up and made their way back to their rooms. Greggory fell in step beside Dylan. 

"You look scared" He stated

Dylan looked away, catching glimpse of the back of her roommate. She frowned. "I'm just not happy with my new roommate." Greggory slipped his hand around hers, startling her out of her thoughts. Dylan's heart raced and she looked up at him in confusion. He just looked straight ahead and didn't say anything. They walked hand in hand for a little bit before Sister Catherine came up behind them and cleared her throat, "Did you not listen to a word I said? NO TOUCHING" she separated their hands with her cane. Dylan winced and Greggory curled his fists in silent rage but neither of them said anything. Sister Catherine walked away with a satisfied smile on her face.

"I can't wait to use that cane on her for a change." Greggory growled. Dylan smiled slightly because she was thinking the same exact thing. They parted ways, going to their respective halls. Dylan hesitantly walked back into her room. Felice was on the bed reading the bible. Dylan rolled her eyes and laid down on her bunk. A few moments later, Dylan felt the bed move as Felice sprang up and ran to the sink, throwing up. Dylan looked over at her roommate and saw how pale she was. Felice had beads of sweat forming on her forehead and she looked miserable. Dylan was about to get up and help her when she saw her start to twitch. Dylan backed away and crawled back onto her bed, holding her stuffed animal tightly. The light in the room started to dim and Dylan's mind became foggy. It felt like someone was turning a light switch off on her mind. 

Felice started screaming but Dylan couldn't hear her because Dylan wasn't there. 

Cherry Cherie opened her eyes.

"Why are you bloody screaming!" She cried out before noticing it wasn't Dylan. "Who the 'ell are you!?" Felice's eyes rolled back into her head and she slumped against the sink. Cherry shrieked. Sister Catherine came running in. She took in the room and immediately ordered Dylan to get the guards.

"Excuse you, my name is Cherry Cherie" Cherry grumbled as she got up. Sister Catherine just gave her an exasperated look and started attending to Felice. Soon a bunch of guards were in the room, syringes ready. They gave Felice something to stop her hysterics and then carried her out of the room. Cherry watched in disgust as they took her away. The nerve! she thought, they couldn't expect her to room with THAT. She sighed and went to grab her brush when she noticed what she was wearing. What the 'ell! Cherry was enraged, ripping off the drab clothing and putting on something fresh and pretty. Dylan better not pull a prank like that on her again, Cherry thought. 

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