+More soon , I just felt like writing for Harper and thought it would be cool to introduce her sister :)


"Its all dad's fault you know." Emmy said her quivering slightly. I was on sister duty again. This time i was dealing with my heartbroken sixteen year old sister.

"If he didn't react like he did." she said clutching her pillow closer. I looked over at Emmy and really felt for her a break up no matter how insignificant the relationship was they were never easy.

"Well i'm pretty sure any dad would react like that."I said earning a glare from Emmy.

"Harper you are meant to be on my side." she said dramatically.

"I am but honestly your luckily dad didn't knock the guy, Adam, out." I said sitting down at the bottom of her bed. Her room was surprisingly clean , i half expected clothes to litter the floor and her walls to be covered with posters but nope it was all very neat. The complete opposite of her mood.

"He overreacted." she muttered causing me to laugh.

"I am pretty sure that was the normal reaction for dads when the walk in to see a guy on top of their daughter." I said with a shrug.

"Well you've been really helpful." Emmy said sarcastically leaning back against the backboard.

"I am trying." I said with a nod. I really was but it was hard to help Emmy when all she wanted to do was blame our father for her di.ckhead of a boyfriend breaking up with her.

She rolled her eyes clearly not believing me. "I really am. That guy , Adam he isn't worth it." I said honestly.

"1. You don't know him and 2. You have to say that your my sister but i appreciate your attempt." she said with a small smile.

"No but honestly , You do not want a guy who's idea of romantic is getting busy on your dad's couch." I said scrunching my face up a little. I preferred not knowing about any of my siblings sex's life's but as it turned out i surprisingly got told a lot of it. 

Emmy shot another one of her glares at me. "I am being honest here." before frowning slightly as i remembered what dad wanted us to talk about.

"Dad wants us to have the talk." I said solemnly. Emmy looked up disgusted. "You really don't have to."

"I really don't want to." I said "So i am just going be safe. I really don't want to be an aunt yet." 

"Always helpful Harper."
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