November 11, 2012

Song of the day: I Would - One Direction

1) I love the chorus of this song. It's so fun. And lol these lyrics in the title are funny because even though they didn't really go to high school, they know that driving yourself to school is what all the cool kids do. Well that wasn't really funny but ironic because--note to self: GET MY LICENSE ALREADY.
2) Still don't know what to do about tomorrow. Probably not gonna end up going, but wah I hate being so lame and letting stupid things like schoolwork get in the way of life because #YOLO
3) This is like the millionth set in the past month where I've used Cara, but I don't know what else to do because she's like the only model I've been able to find pictures of that I wanna use in my sets. And let me tell you the No. 1 reason I struggle to make sets is because I can never find a good set of pictures on Tumblr that I want to use! It's a problem. 
4) But lol btw @luxecouture I was thinking about your comment on my set about "Little Things" and how it was good that they didn't have a girl in the video because she would be too perfect to fit the girl in the song anyways and haha yes that's totally true. Because hypothetically, say Harry were dating Cara and he like meant the song for her, it'd be like "You still have to squeeze into your size -1 jeans (because you're really a 0 but don't want to admit it to yourself), but you're perfect to me." Lol. Let's be real. Any girl these boys date is going to be like perfect. 
5) Okay. Thoughts on Karlie's new haircut? I appreciate that she looks more Alexa Chung-esque and unique, but I don't know, guys. I kinda loved the long hair.
6) So last night my friend and I vchatted until midnight because we were planning our Halloween costume... for next year. Lol. Cause you see, it's a senior tradition to dress up on Halloween so we haven't dressed up since middle school, and our costume has to be epic. And we have to find the perfect balance of creative and cute. So we already have to start thinking... And we were brainstorming last night and stumbled upon this adorable pic of Alexa Chung being a 1950's cheerleader on Halloween and we already decided that we're going to be 1950's cheerleaders. Creative, because everyone does cheerleaders but we're putting a vintage spin on it. Cute, because it's just so darn cute. Did we fail to find the perfect balance between creative and cute and are leaning more towards cute then creative? Maybe. But who cares? Because it's going to be amazing.
7) Does anyone watch "Last Man Standing" because I do and so I just started watching it again this season and THEY REPLACED KRISTEN'S ACTRESS AND NICK JONAS AND OMG NO YOU CANNOT DO THAT. I can't even watch the show any more (maybe... I might just be too dramatic right now and need to contain myself). But really. It's very annoying to see this new girl insert herself into their family when she's clearly not the Kristen we all love. Okay probably no one even watches this show lol but I just had to get that out.
8) Ooh and who watches "Ben and Kate"? Because Matty, the adorable little girl in the show, met Harry Styles and he tweeted her and awww so cute!
9) Oh my gosh. Btw, this girl in my grade...her dad is like some bigshot in the entertainment industry and he met One Direction when they were in L.A. recently and literally posed in a picture with Niall, arm around his shoulder and everything, and she posted it on FB and omg no if she gets to meet them too now I think I'll cry. 
10) Yeah so I've been rambling on for a while so I should probably stop now. Happy Sunday, loves! xx
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