2012/09/20 Don't laugh to my title :)
Another song of the day Ra.D ft.Kelly-Couple song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTNQ5EgGGUg

Title,Original Korean is 너무 너무너무 멋져상냥한 그 마음까지 멋져이렇게 멋진 그대가 내 남자친구여서 난 기뻐사랑해사랑해 너를 사랑해... Translate on the title and cut i love you out.
I'm not claims him is my BF..don't get me wrong I got inspired by "Couple song"lyrics,these pics of Kai supposed to be my favorite he look flawless and cute.
I've a very good mood to review this set with love song.

Just a funny thing between me &my girls classmate..

My master studies classmate in real life
with so many guys[90%] again.me & some girls gossip about why we 're never find someone goes so well like my title says. my friend really like Siwon[SJ] she's 24 this year
my classmate guys almost of them age over 25 me&my friend is youngest from the faculty.

we talks about big belly fat,bold head[i wondering they've bold head since young age?],who shorter than me with kind of bad romance joke ,over confident behavior,sometime they're so rude,living in the own vision.when we've discussing about seminar and totally those group of guys scary me..
with their superior theory used to against my group.

I know that high IQ ppl sometime really lack of EQ to balancing their behavior when it's time to confess with another ppl.
but one of them is Chinese guy he is really handsome and young 23 but he can't speak Japanese or English well so can't do anything to enchant our life just see him everyday and smile hi hi..Ni Hoa i can speak a bit Chinese but he not talk with me,my friend want to know him maybe she like him,also he totally shy and look a like Luhan from EXO-M,Yep supposed to be handsome.

I see it fun okay,and most of time a group of big bold head[o mentioned before] trying to touch ,play prank or called it seduce? but i'm not see it fun but jerk I'm accepted I've high expecting ideal type at least can be taller than me.. i'm not judge ppl by the look okay.

Huh? sad life my classmate had the same way with my bachelor days again ... day dreaming for those sweet smile with kind of handsome,cute and yet totally my ideal type never find easy in real life.
for some reason i felt so sad to my friend more than my life surely someone know my reason..
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