TUESDAY. JANUARY 18TH - Lindsey's parents are out of town so she's throwing a party.
this girl knows how to rock it, so dress up in you're best, bring the hottest guy you know and prepare for some major action.

I looked myself on the mirror one more time. I wasn't feeling better but at least I could pretend to everyone that I was. The movie on the other night sucked and my attempt to have fun with the girls failed but I was going to try again until it works and I forget everything. 

The fact that Lindsey was kind of friends with Jay and that he probably will be there with another sl.ut didn't help at all, but whatever.

"Do I look fine?" Ivy asked me when she finished her make-up. 

Earlier she showed up at my place to talk about a guy that she slept with last night, I ended up telling her eveything that happened and when we looked at the clock, it was already late and we needed to get ready for Lindsey's party. I borrow a skirt and sweater to her, so we didn't waste time on getting to her place to grab some clothes.

"You look gorgeous!" I sent her a kiss and she laughed. I finished with my lipstick and threw it in my bag. "We are going to be soo late." I grabbed my coat and the car keys. Ivy nodded and we headed to the car. 

Once in the party, we noticed that we aren't so late, Lindsey's living room wasn't crowded yet. That was good, I was getting tired of always being the last one to arrive. 

I didn't like beer, but I was drinking it. I was too lazy to look for something else and I wanted to get tipsy as soon as possible. I was talking with the girls and when I looked to Ivy again, she was already talking with a guy. 

In one moment, she was complaining that she was only a sexx object and then she throws herself again to a boy. That girl never changes. 

"Hey, Stell." I heard someone and looked around to see who was. It was Millie, one of the new girls. I didn't have time to know her well but she seemed nice. 

"Hey Millie. You really came!" I walked towards her with a smile. "I'm glad though."

I was going to introduce her to the rest of the group, but she walked away, going to the liquor cabinet. I joined her and since I was there, I grabbed a martini for me. 

"Why?" She suddenly asked. Well, I was just trying to be nice but at that moment, I noticed that a boy was looking straight at her. 

"Because look at him." I pointed to the guy. 

Millie suddenly became interested. I giggled. "Name?"

"Elliot Morris." I knew him just because Brittany complained about him almost everyday. "He's twenty, you like?" What was I thinking? Every girl likes an older guy, it's our instinct.

"Introduce me." She said and I smiled. If I can't have a good relationship, I can help other people having one. 

We walked together towards him. "Elliot!" I called him but all the other boys looked. Did everyone was named Elliot? 

"Yea?" He turned around and his eyes felt on Millie. I didn't do anything else, just let go of Millie. Elliot made a 'thank you' with his mouth. Oh my God, I was such a good Cupid. 

"Stella?" I heard a boy saying in the middle of the crowd that was already in the living room. Now the party had started. I didn't recognize his voice but when he appeared to me, I knew who he was. It was the boy that I had hooken up on the pool party.

"Hey. Noah, right?" I asked, confused. I was drunk the last time I spoke with him, I don't even remember of how we ended up together.

"Yeah." He said, smiling. 

We kept talking for a few minutes. Now that I was really paying attention to him, he seemed a great guy. He would be the perfect boyfriend. The hottest girl of the school dating the star of the soccer team. 

It seemed like those Disney movies. Ugh, this part wasn't nice.

I was so interested in him that I didn't even notice that Jay was looking at me from across the room. When I spotted him, I really didn't know what to do. Should I go talk with him? If it was the right thing to do, I did the wrong one. I just ignored him and continued talking with Noah. 

I looked at him sometimes, just to see if he was still there. And he was, still looking at me. That broke my heart, yes, but since that day in jail I was suffering for him, I couldn't stay like that. I was fine chatting with Noah, so leave me alone. 

I prefer me than him. 

x Stella.

[yay, my head is better now, I just needed some sleep. lol anyway, now I need your opinion, Jay or Noah? comment bellow]
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