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birds - kate nash

this song is so unbelievably cute alsknasklndknaskcnoosancaksjfb

and this set is so unbelievably messy and crowded and just blah

it's whatever


it's been another week since I last made a set. the margins are getting progressively smaller, though, which is good.

I've been good. I've been trying to stick to Will Grayson's two rules - shut up, don't care too much. it's not been working too well, but when I remember about them, it seems to help.

I'm still sick. I've been sick for about three weeks now. I've a horrendous cough and I sneeze occasionally. also, when I cough it feels like somethings pushing against the inside of my skull. 

I really wish I could sit here and write something. 
something that's actually good. 

but I just can't. 

writing feels like a bit of a chore nowadays.

I hope soon enough I'll fall back into it.

I'll make something better soon.

it's gotten too late to write more. or I just want an excuse.


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