♔September 19: The theatre club is hosting an opening night of the school play. When the show is done, there will be an after party.

“I’m so proud of my little girl,” my mom sighed, resting her hand over her heart. I rolled my eyes at her dramatics, wrapping my arms around Tabby in a big hug. 

“Do good, little sis!” I said brightly.

“I’m not even a main character,” she mumbled, looking down at the ground.

“But you’re going to do so well,” Mom gushed.

Tabby gave her a half-smile. “You guys should go sit down now, the show’s gonna start soon.”

My parents and I left backstage, walking into the main foyer of the theatre to where the rest of the audience was filing into their seats. We found ours near the front, and I noticed Whitney one row in front of us. Leaning over, I tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned around. 

“Are you going to the afterparty later?” I whispered. She nodded, flashing me a smile.

“Yep! You’ll be there, right?”

“Of course. I need to celebrate Tabby’s big debut.”

“Is she coming, too?”

I pressed my lips together, thinking. Obviously, she would have heard about a party, being part of the drama club... but I really didn’t want her to go. I was still protective of her, she was just a kid to me. Parties would be nothing but damaging.

“I guess... we’ll see.”

“She should, I wanna party with the Tabster! I bet she’d be wild at beer pong.”

I grimaced, and the lights dimmed, causing a hush to fall over the audience. As the play started, I found myself interested at first, but my attention eventually waned in the scenes that Tabby wasn’t starring in. I’d never been able to concentrate on anything that long... it was probably why my relationships never lasted very long. Well, that, and I was extremely picky.

In her brief moments on stage, Tabby was wonderful, if slightly awkward. But she was always slightly awkward... I had no doubt that she’d become more confident as she got used to high school, but we were two completely different people. In freshman year, I was already a cheerleader and on the dance team, dating a junior, and considered popular. I didn’t want that for Tabby – the fighting with the Plastics, heartbreak at the hands of stupid jocks, rumours, and pressure to be perfect. 

But maybe it was like that for everyone.

When the show was over, we had to hang around in the foyer for a while again until Tabitha came out, talking to the other families. Through the crowd, I saw Brody, who was with his parents, who I’d actually never met, though I knew his brother was in the drama club too. Before I could make up my mind about whether to say hi or not, his mother looked over at us, and waved.

Confused, I waved back slightly, until I realised that my own mother was waving, too. At Brody’s family. His mother walked over to us, and he followed. 

“Hi, Lorraine,” my mom said, kissing her on the cheek. 

“Anne, how are you?”

“How do you know each other?” I asked, frowning. Mom placed her hand on my shoulder, smiling.

“We take the same Yoga class on Wednesdays.” She looked over at Brody, raising her eyebrows. “So this must be your son?”

“Yes, this is Brody,” his mom said, beaming at him.

Mom smiled. “Yes, we’ve met. This is Sophie, my daughter. I believe Brody was at our house the other day?”

He nodded, smirking slightly sheepishly. “Just doing my job as Sophie’s Starbucks runner.”

Our moms talked for a few minutes longer before Tabby appeared, but Brody grabbed me as we were walking off, pulling me back. 

“So, did I pass the nice test?” he asked, looking eager.

Well, when I thought about it... he’d saved me seats at lunch. He hadn’t said anything mean to the losers (in front of me). He hadn’t called Taylor dumb when she asked if Paris was the capital of Italy. He even complimented me on my perfume.

“One date. Take me to see a movie tomorrow night, and I don’t promise anything else in the following hours... or days.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7.”

He let go of my arm, and I followed my family out the front. “Can you drop me at Jason’s?” I asked my dad once we all hopped into the car.

Mom sighed. “It was so much easier when Jason lived next door...”

“Yeah, it was also a lot easier when his father didn’t kick him and his mother out of their house next door and force them to find another place,” I retorted, crossing my arms. Jason’s parents’ separation earlier this year had been particularly messy, but my mother hated when I brought it up.

“Are you going to the afterparty?” Tabby asked.

“Duh, Tab.”

“Can I come with you? I was invited too...”

“Of course you can,” Mom interjected, looking at me through the rear view mirror. “Sophie will keep an eye on you.” I glared at her, but she was pretending not to notice.

“Fine, but you have to leave when I want to,” I told Tabby. “And no talking to seniors.”


“Wait, so you actually agreed to go out with him?” Taylor asked, wide-eyed, running her fingers through the ends of her hair absentmindedly with one hand as she clutched a drink in the other.

I opened my mouth to defend myself, but couldn’t come up with a snarky response, so I shrugged. “When a guy comes to your house with vanilla bean frappuccino, what are you meant to do? Thanks for telling him my favourite drink, by the way.”

“I’m sorry! I thought he just wanted to try something new and he thought you had good taste!”

“It’s okay, Tay, I mean it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“So are you gonna put out tomorrow night?”

“No! Not on the first date!”

“You’ve done it BEFORE the first date with other guys, Soph! What’s different this time?”

I bit my lip, frowning and twisting my mouth a little. Taylor gasped, pointing at me.

“You actually like him! You want to date him!”

“I don’t! He made me go out with him...”

“You could have said no! Just admit it.”

“Fine,” I hissed, looking around to make sure nobody heard me. “Maybe he’s won me over a little bit, but I’m not committing to anything. It’s just one date, like I told him.”

“Yeah, right,” she smirked. “That’s how it starts.”

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t look back at Taylor, instead noticing Tabby sitting next to Jason, grinning at him shyly as he talked. She nursed a drink in her hands, and was looking a little lovestruck.

“That doesn’t look good,” I murmured, and Tay followed my gaze.

“Aww, it’s cute! She has a little crush.”

I grimaced. “Yeah. That’s how it starts.”
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Wrote 5 years ago
I am going to comment as Marina later but I loooooved this. The story is amazing and the set is so pretty.

Wrote 5 years ago
I like your outfit, Sophie.
xx Pandora

Wrote 5 years ago
ohmygod michael trevino :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Aww you and Brody are literally adorbs Soph!
But be careful with your heart!
We gotta gossip about this, and I'm buying the vanilla bean frapps!
xx, Whit



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