my very first request, this is for you @laurarussell . i hope you like it love (: if you'd like any changes or a series pm me - norma xx

It's finally my last class. I've had the worst day ever; I lost my english report, failed my biology test & to top it all off, my best friend was too busy with her new boyfriend, Devon, to have our usual 'movie nights' on horrible days like these. But, I did have a Skype call later on to look forward too. Ever since Harry left on his tour with the boys, I hadn't really had a real conversation with him, just the distanced 'I miss you' 'Can't wait to come home' & the ending to ever single one, after less than 5 minutes, 'Talk to you later, love ya, miss ya'. But I guess thats what you expect when you're boyfriend's in a band that has millions of fans. Oh how i missed his smile, & the way he always acted like a goofball to make me feel better. But, only a few seconds to go, thank goodness...And it finally rings ! 

I put my books in my locker, grab my binder and sweater and head for the door. But it's really crowded as I walk out, so i try my best to squeeze my way out, and finally realize what the huge crowd was surrounding. Right before my eyes was the green-eyed, dimple filled smile, curly haired guy that I was in love with and wasn't suppose to be back for another 3 months. I dropped my bag and ran towards him, tears filling my eyes. I jump on him, wrapping my regs around his waist and my arms around his neck in the process. His lips smashing onto mine, taking my breath away, just like every single time.

"What're you doing here?!" I ask after I catch my breath.

"I couldn't wait any longer, I had to see you, a Skype call wasn't going to be enough for me." Harry responds while looking in my eyes, tears in them as well.

"You're amazing. I love you" I say while wiping his tears away.

"I love you too Laura. " 

The only words i had longed to hear and actually be there with him when he said it.

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Wrote three years ago
when in doubt, dream out // @lanadelreyhere @destinycarson @liveybaby @kiraplatinum @isa-lana @melissaawxox @pizza4life @itsnandaworld @fabthais @shyhazel-eyes @wontstop-tillwesurrender @dreamer-x @eleanorandlouisove2 @sixteensaltines @xo-nichole @ninam15

Wrote three years ago
@laurarussell omg, really ?! you're welcome love xx

Wrote three years ago


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