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Get the Look: Celeb Winter Style featuring one of my faves, Alexa Chung during LFW winter 2013 <3
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I have the cheaper, Target collection version of that 3.1 Phillip Lim bag :) 

On to the re-intro for my girls aka the best group ever aka The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet :) 
My original intro set: http://www.polyvore.com/lost_myself_in_center_circle/set?id=47266273

-Name: TAYLOR (for the record, I just want to say it since I've never announced it like publicly because when I started Polyvore/social sites in general my mom never wanted me using my real first name, so for those of you who don't know, Taylor is not my first name but is still apart of my real name and sometimes people in RL call me it anyway. I just figured it was about time I said it since I am over 18 now.)
-Age: 19 (20 IN TWO MONTHSSSS)
-Location: USA
-Likes: writing, reading, designing, photography, fashion, One Direction, lots of music in general though usually indie rock or alt/soft rock, boys, romantic gestures, chick flicks, Sarah Dessen books, chocolate, leopard print, pigs, the color of mint green, films with excellent cinematography, films with awesome soundtracks, making playlists, Range Rovers, John Green, sunsets, the beach and the ocean though I've only been to it once, cleanliness, white things, silver jewelry, the scent of amber, Netflix, scarves, floral print, lots of TV shows, blue/green eyes though mine are brown/hazel, strawberries, ankle boots, daydreaming, dogs & cats, sweaters, natural light, sarcasm, Mercedes G5, wayfarer sunglasses, pens that write really dark and smooth, traveling, smirks, being in a sorority, other stuff. 
-Dislikes: smoking, tea, history, ignorant and/or cruel people, talking in front of people, drinking, greasy foods, slacks (dressy pants), people who pretend to be stupid for no reason, coffee, obscenities, people who don't make eye contact when you're talking to them, overreacting, some other things.
-Favorite thing about yourself: On my original intro I said my curly hair and while I do like that about myself, I think my favorite thing is that I am most often the voice of reason and I think that is an important quality to have with your friends and even your family. I don't know, I also like that I am definitely a dreamer but am also realistic.
-A fond memory: Going out on a limb here but it always makes me smile when I think about it... This past summer, one of the guys I worked with asked me if I thought he could pull off a bow tie. I told him yes and he asked like what color he should get so I told him to get a paisley print one (I had to show him what paisley looked like). The next day he showed up to work with a new paisley bow tie and said he had bought two others ;))

New possible questions:
-What's changed since last year, if anything? 
Well, I am to begin my fourth semester of college on January 13th and it's crazy to think I've come this far already. Um, I think I've become more comfortable around the male species x] I've discovered a lot of amazing music. I've finished and edited a first draft of a novel, and began a new manuscript. I've gone to a major music festival. I think a lot has changed but some of it I don't even know how to describe.
-What are you hoping for in the new year?
Is it so far to reach in hoping to get my book published? I always wish for this and maybe this year it'll really happen. I know I'm only 19, but I won't give up on my dream. In a more realistic hope, I hope this new year brings positivity and new friendships (possibly of the male kind?).
-Any new year's resolutions?
To save my money, exercise, read at least 25 books, and try not to be so internally judgmental. 
-Top three favorite quotes:
Oh gosh this is harddddd I'm like Hannah and have too many favorite quotes but here's 3, not in any order... 
1. "A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her." -Unknown
2. "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." -William Shakespeare 
3. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." -Unknown 
I also like pretty much any John Green quote and gah well here's some more I like http://brunettesilhouette.tumblr.com/tagged/quote

- If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want people to remember about you?
I'd want people to remember that I was a kind, intelligent person who never did anything I didn't want to do. I've always been proud of myself for not being peer pressured and perhaps that has lost me some "friends" but I believe that's a good thing to be remembered by. That I was a genuinely good, caring person.
-What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you in the past month?
I have no idea actually! Maybe hearing one of my favorite songs playing in a local restaurant and freaking out? I literally have no idea.

-How do you take your coffee/tea? (I'm assuming I answer this one too, it's like a continuation right? haha)
Well I hate both coffee and tea so I take it empty xP

-Last question from the lovely @hannah-grace which is: What was your favorite song of 2013?
Hmm... Favorite song that came out in 2013, not that I heard first in 2013 right? Either way this is so so so hard. GOTTA GO WITH THE 1975 (though believe me it was a hard choice as Pure Heroine, Midnight Memories, Bad Blood and so many other amazing albums/EPs came out in 2013). So I'm going to go with You by The 1975 or if you want one actually from the album, Robbers by The 1975 <33333

Now for my question for @istylista to round out the new questions: What are your wardrobe and beauty/hair care essentials?

Much love! <33 xx

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