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Hi and welcome to Head2Toe!! We are THRILLED you are here. Head2Toe contests will be mainly "OUTFIT ONLY" contests, UNLESS otherwise specified. The contests will focus on the outfit, and or accessories/shoes/jewelry that correspond with the outfit. (Your Signature is always okay and supportive of the "be original" campaign.) For our OUTFIT ONLY contests, here is further clarification: Besides clothing, your sets may have: *Makeup *Signatures *Light Shading/Shadows These things are not allowed: *Pictures *Text, OF ANY KIND, including newsprint *Backgrounds *Props, MEANING ANYTHING THAT IS NOT CLOTHING OR LIGHT SHADING There will be frequent contests! We want you to be original, and have fun!! Feel free to let us know if you ever have any questions or ideas. We will have fun! -Ruth and Angie
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