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Throughout Polyvore, multiple roleplays having to do with the famed Harry Potter series has been made. Whether it was along with the books, second generation, or even the Marauders, they still remain quite popular. In this roleplay, we will be attending Hogwarts during the time of Harry’s sixth year in a becoming of age, rise of darkness story line. While Harry is attending Hogwarts, we will not actually know any of the beloved characters from the books. We will be average students at Hogwarts alongside our own “Head Cannon” characters {characters we made in our minds}. You can make up any sort of character, a character related to one from the books, or even a long lost child of one of the adults. Everyone has complete creative liberty, although everyone will be auditioning, so don’t hate me if your character isn’t accepted. Make sure they are quite developed and distinct.

-You will play yourself and at least one other male character. Yoou may play up to two other characters such as more students or teachers.
-Do not use any Victoria secret models, nickelodian, Disney, Glee, or Pretty Little Liars, etc models. Make sure they look like they could fit into the actual Harry Potter series. I recommend actual runway models that look appropriate aged, but actors are still fine.
- Not rated
-Be unique, but try and follow the story line of the Half-Blood Prince. Realize the dark times are rising and you’re trying to be a normal teenager balancing studies and romance.
-Remember to attend classes and make sets every week to stay active.
-Make friends and enemies, not just romantic interests
-All characters will be audition, so please be creative and choose appropriate models, because I hate turning people down.
-Any questions, comments, concerns or ideas please pm me

|| auditioning ||
-Please make a creative set that embodies your character and fill out the bio format accordingly.

Name {full};
Blood type;
Wand {use Celtic wood calendar};
Owl, toad, rat or cat {breed and name};
Best class;
Worst class;
Personality traits;
Mannerisms and appearance;
Life up to now; 
Extra abilities {animagus, etc};
Any school activities {Quidditch, Dueling Club, etc};
Where they can be found;

Good luck!
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