Sara Bareilles~Love Song
^Acoustic version
First, off, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONE! Hope you all had a wonderful ole' time. I sure did, indulging on chocolate and One Direction.
Dearest Jullian,
Happy birthday, babes. Wow. Halfway to thirty.. hehe grandma ;)
I love you, dude. You are amazing, everything you do is amazing. I can't live up to a certain Carma and Bridgette, so excuse my lack of beautiful words. I'm more of a thinker than a talker, or so I believe.
Jullian, when we first met, I honestly did not think that we would be friends. Friendly, maybe. But if you would have told me that I would have slept in the freezing northern-NY area with you, outside, or that I would share a bed with you, or that I would have these super weird conversations with you, or that we would be a foreign couple who is never getting back together, I would have laughed. Hard. In your face. Then I would try to compose myself, and giggle some more. But honestly, Jullian, I am so, so, SO extremely happy and grateful that we became friends, especially as close as we are today. I'm so thankful to have met you and to be able to consider you one of my sisters. You are extremely talented, extremely lovable, extremely cah-yut, and you are super duper extremely burgerlicious c; 
I made you a set because, well, I'm awkward. Well, not just that. I kind of wanted to be different from posting a picture of us, though I know that I probably will end up doing that, too, and I'm not too great with those photo-collages. Or maybe I am? Meh, ive never tried. But yes; Lena was an artist, so this is my attempt. I think everything in the set is pretty self explanatory, but I just wanted to say one thing. The orange vest is disgusting, I know.. but I wanted you to know that we, the orange girls who enjoy shirts from Washington DC (nudgenudgewinkwink) are always here for you, and always will be. Even if we're in different schools, different counties, different countries, we will always be here to support you and each other. Because hey, I vastly enjoy the name "Tibby".
I feel like I should share a story about us. But.. what? How you completely and utterly spammed my phone's camera roll? How I know that you're one of those few people that I can really, really trust with anything? How we made a music video at, hmm, was it 4 IN THE MORNING.
Remember when you and Julia came here? And we chilled in town and stuff? I do. Well, the three of us were just wandering around, trying to not get killed while crossing the streets and looking for that park you were talking about. We had found the place with the bobao (is that how you spell it? oh well :P) tea, and it was snowing outside. In the spur of the moment, I decided to go outside, without my jacket of course, and just, well, stand there. Soon, you came out too, and Julia looked at us like we were idiots (which, well, we kind of are.. ♡). I went back in soon after, but standing outside in the snow with you was actually.. a lot of fun. It sounds stupid, I know, but it's something that really reminds me of you, and us.
Well, I should probably wrap this up. I hope it's long. And meaningful. And that you like it.
"Forget You," just came on iTunes.. Shabbaton, anyone? Hehe. 
We can't wake up in the morning.
At all.
I like your jammies.
Jullian and I are not morning people.
Not me and Jullian.. nu-uh!
Proper grammar, yo.
I love you. Happy birthday. I love you.
hugs, kisses, &Nutella,

PS. Did ah mention dat ah lahv juh? Because I do, dude. Happy birthday ✌

PPS. And Valentines Day, too. Happy V-Day, too. c:
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