Okay. So this is based on the song Abigail's Song from the 2010 Christmas episode, so if you haven't heard, go listen. Especially the version by Halia Meguid: http://dustyteeth.tumblr.com/post/5455305815/doctor-who-covers-masterlist
Headcanon except for a future episode so...yeah:
Okay so we already know that the Silence are a religion, so my idea is that the leader is a blind deaf alien (perhaps even a human). Making her truly able to see and hear the silence. The silence aren't really the creatures...it's the word of the Silent god. the creatures are merely just either followers or perhaps even messengers (sorta like angels but not). She is sorta like the messiah, she interprets the words. And even though she's blind, she is so powerful mentally that she can basically see without seeing, and hear without hearing. Like she knows what you're saying, and doing because her brain is just THAT STRONG. But she can't speak, so people are kinda sacrificed to be her voice. She basically puts her hand on their head, and they can suddenly see everything she knows, and it makes their brains die (pretty much), and then their brain is an extension of her brain, so she can talk. She burns up bodies pretty quickly, so she has to keep receiving new ones to talk. The Silent Creatures get them for her.
Anyway, the planet -- The Silent Planet looks really abandoned, but it's really that everyone's inside...hiding...praying. And either the doctor or his companion get caught. And the Silent seeker wants to use the doctor as the new silent messiah, but then there's all this verbal sparring, and then the doctor kills the blind/deaf messiah or something like that.
And that's what I've got for now...I will probably change it ...make it better...maybe even write up a script.
What do you think?

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Wrote 4 years ago
@moytura @beachgurl77 @hannahisnotonfire oh man you guys are awesome. Thanks for reading AND LIKING it :))))

Wrote 4 years ago
I like this theory. I like it a lot.

Wrote 4 years ago


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1st place in group contest: Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2

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