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woo more BTS stuff(: pretty sure when I was a kid my mom absolutely hated me because she could just pack my sister a sandwich but I was super annoying about my food and I could never have JUST a sandwich. She probably still does because I'm still the same way lol. Instead of your basic stuff that you probably get tired of, here's other ideas of things to bring along with you to eat♥(:



- Instead of a sandwich, switch the bread for a tortilla. A good idea I found on pinterest: PB&J with a banana in the middle. Sounds weird but looks so good.

- Cut the crust off your bread, put a piece of cheese on it, roll it, and cook it seam-side-down. I never liked grilled cheese much but grilled cheese rolls dipped in tomato soup (which you could bring in those little canteen things with that purpose) seems good

- Instead of a salad, put it into a wrap. Much healthier and easier to bring to school(:

- Cinnamon bread, peanut butter, and apples in a sandwich. Seventeen suggests it because it has a lot of fiber(:

- I hate cold pizza but if you have this for something like dinner and bring the left overs to school it's not overdoing it and it's healthier:

- make cucumber sandwiches with no bread: Take two slices, a cold cut meat like turkey, and cheese, then put it inbetween. You can make a lot of them plus they're low in carbs. 


- You can have grapes but if you like candy A LOT, try taking grapes, dipping them in watermelon jello mix, and freeze them. They taste exactly like sour patch kids in the end.

- Greek yogurt+strawberries+toasted almonds make a really good parfait

- Seventeen recommends a Fiber One Brownie which is much more filling, tortilla chips instead of other chips, and a Skinny Cow candy bar.

- 1 banana with 2 teaspoons almond butter plus 1 tablespoon toasted shredded coconut is really good for you, along with all other fruit.

- Spread a banana with peanut butter, slice into bite size pieces, roll in rice krispie cereal. Banana sushi. 

- this site has a list of snacks that all are under 1OO(:

- Homemade fruit roll-ups(:


- Starting simple(: Water is obviously a good choice, especially for someone like me because it's hot -.- like 1OO degrees hot. It's pretty smart just to have water for pe anyways haha

- Naked juice has a weird name, but it's sooo good. Basically, it's a fruit drink/smoothie thing. It has bananas, strawberries, mango, and tons of other fruits depending on what type you buy. A little pricey but so great. 

- Gatorade is a sports drink which is nice because in the two years I've had PE one was right after lunch and one was right before, which are the hottest times of the day. 

- You can always make your own smoothies, etc. but it'll be hard to keep it cold during the day.


Hope you really liked some of my suggestions(: thanks for reading and sorry for the short tip ahaha♥
- Zoe Kay

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Ohmygod, I love this so much! I can confidently say this is my FAVORITE tip I've ever seen so far, and I've seen lots of NAIL tutorials! (I'm obssessed with my nails) IT's so hard to have a good lunch at my school and buy the food there, especially since most things have meat and I'm vegetarian! Even today the lunch-lady said I ''have to'' have beef with my nachos and cheese < and that's not healthy anyways! So NOW I can buy some ingredients for a super healthy lunch and bring it to school. Thank you soooooo much!

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@the-tip-jarxx alright thanks :)



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