Healthy Food and Fitness

Believe me, I am not one of those girls who loves to exercise or get my butt off my couch, or one of those girls who love to eat healthy, but I do it because it makes me feel good about myself and love my healthy body. Excercise can help with many health problems including depression and insomnia. Eating healthy can be just as tasty and awesome as eating a bag of chips, without the guilty feeling at the end. I am also not a dancer, but belly dancing makes it fun and I want to practice all the time to learn to shake parts of my body. There is no downside to eating healthy or working out as long as you do it correctly and don't over/under work yourself. Many people say that losing weight or getting fit is a new years resolution many don't follow through to, but it is because it takes hard work and dedication it won't come overnight. IT IS POSSIBLE and don't give up just because things get hard. Set that image in your mind that you want for yourself. Just keep swimming ;)

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Nice collection!

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@mayson no problem (:

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Thanks for the motivation (:


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