Ok, I love eat healthy, yes I have my sugar treat sometime, but most time I eat healthy stuff. Why? Because this is good for us and so good in my mouth. Well, I don't know for you, but for me this is so important. I don't say I never eat bad food, but not so much time, the least is possible. If you follow me since a long time, you know I really love this site: www.yourzenlife.com (yes, I also love Phoebe Tonkin) so, there is some great tips for the Holliday!
I can't wait the Holliday, I am in the end of my "session" at my cegep! So only test, final exams, studying a lot! Same too much, my brain will explode!

 "1. Don't drink your calories- Not only is alcohol terrible for you, but it slows your metabolism, damages your kidneys and liver, and generally makes you feel unwell the next day. I always ask my clients to stop drinking for one months when I start with them and at the end of the month they are all so astonished at how unwell alcohol makes you feel when you aren't used to having it- it is a terrifying thought that we build up an immunity to such a poison! A great alternative and very yummy is to try soda water with fresh berries instead of champagne, coconut water infused with fruit instead of mimosas, and fresh ginger ale instead of beer. Also make sure to have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. It will stop you being dehydrated and keep you feeling good!

 2. Think clean and lean- When planning your meals think about clean and light meals. For example, try an avocado and prawn salad, instead of a caesar salad. Try roasting a whole fish, instead of a salty ham. Get creative, there are so many absolutely delicious recipes out there, you can actually have fun trying to keep your Christmas lunch as delicious and healthy as possible. For dessert, try a fresh fruit platters, they are incredible and so delicious.

 3. Keep it small- If you are going to indulge in the more decadent forms of christmas food, than a great way to keep the health up and the waistline down is to use a smaller plate. Only have small amounts of the 'not so healthy' foods and eat them after you eat your salads so you fill up on the good stuff!

 4. Give the gift of health- Instead of buying the box of ferrero's it may be a good time to look at giving the gift of health. Maybe your loved ones would like a personal training session, a pilates membership or a new pair of running shorts. The options are endless."

Enjoy your time!! 

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