A lot of times we can be running late and not have time to eat a good breakfast, or just think that breakfast isn't that important in the morning. It IS cliche, but breakfast IS the most important meal of the day 
• According to research, skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. 
• Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger.
• Breakfast gives back the nutrients and other things that you lost during the night. 
• If you eat a healthy breakfast, It can help you focus more during the day. 

Here are some ideas on healthy things you can eat in the mornings before school: 

1. A parfait 
• Nonfat or lowfat yogurt layered with fresh fruit, nuts, and raisins

2. Yogurt smoothie
• Lowfat yogurt mixed with fresh fruit in a blender for a vitamin-rich smoothie

3. Fruit toast
• Toast some whole wheat bread (or ones with oats), and add a bit of fruit 
• You can also add a low-sodium/sugar jam on top of it

4. Oatmeal 
• Make some instant or quick-cooking oatmeal
• add some fruit, honey, or cinnamon 

5. Waffles or pancakes 
• NOT the freezable kind because those aren't always that healthy. Even the whole wheat ones. What you can do is on the weekend, make whole wheat waffles or pancakes (or regular), and then freeze them yourself. 
• The night before take out a couple of pancakes and thaw them out, put them in the fridge, and then in the morning heat them up. 
• You can add fruit or a light syrup.

6. muffins
• Make some fruit and nut muffins (from scratch is healthier) 
• You can make them over the weekend, then freeze them so they don't go bad. 
• The night before thaw a couple out, and eat them the next morning. 

7. Bagels 
• Toast a bagel and add a light cream cheese. 
• You can also add fruit to the top of it!

8. Grits
• Cook instant or quick-cooking grits
• You can add a couple tablespoons of low-fat cheese to it

9. cereal 
• I am probably going to be a hypocrite on this one, because I just pour milk about half way in a bowl and then add cereal, eat it, and keep adding cereal until the milk is gone. 
• You can pour organic milk, 1%, 2%, or low or non-fat milk 
• Eat a healthy grain cereal, or one with nuts and fruit in it. 

10. Breakfast bars 
• You can make your own breakfast bars! 
• Or you can buy healthy breakfast bars with a lot of nuts, oats, and fruit in them. Make sure you check the amount of sugar on the package though. 

11. Hard boiled eggs
• Hard boiled eggs are full of protein 

12. Scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast 
• Exactly what it says! Scramble some eggs, you can add onions, green peppers, or other vegetables 
• add some light pepper 
• add a bit of low-sugar fruit jam

13. Scrambled tofu
• It is healthier than scrambled eggs
• Add some onions, green peppers, or other vegetables 
• add some soy sauce and light pepper 

Those are just some healthy things that are great to eat on school mornings. 
I hope I helped! ^-^v
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