♬ i once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet. but, upon an unfortunate series of events, saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that i wished on, over and over again, sparkling and broken... ♪
▬ ride ✺ llama del rey ▬ ♥

►hiya there guise. ok so this set was inspired by someone else but i actually totally am blanking on who. it's on the tip of my tongue and like idk. i feel really bad for not remembering. so to them, i'm sorry. but theirs is like a million times better than mine but yah inspired by them. imma try to remember mkay.

► i'm so so tired. like idek. i had such a long day and i've been really busy lately. i'm sorry, i know i haven't been the best anon and i'm really trying to be a better one with this account. i promise. c:

▬ now here i go fufilling this promise ▬ ♥

► for starters;; http://www.thiscrush.com/~askmileyr4y

► just so you all know, i'm // always // here for you. ask me anything. i'll give you advice, answer your questions, you can ask stuff about me. idk. honestly, ask whatever you want. i don't know what exactly would make me be a "good" anon, since its debatable, but i'm going to be better about answering pm's and helping people. if you have any suggestions, just put it on the crushtag link above. just try to be nice, okay? c':

▬ this is also going to be a taglist ▬ ♥

► all you have to do is like the set and bam you're in my taglist. comment something if you want it next to your name, i guess. and if you could give me a shoutout that would be amazing and i'd be glad to return the favor as soon as i get more followers.

► well i doubt anyone's read this far, but if you have thanks. stay amazing.

this has been mileyr4y. ▬ ♥
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