It's been one year since Natalia's, tragic, death. To remember her as the beauty she was, Elena and Bristol are holding a memorial for her.
PLACE: Malba Museum, located on the limit between Palermo and Recoleta. It was Natalia's favourite spot in Buenos Aires.
DRESS CODE: Wear something PINK. Natalia was murdered in pink pajamas.
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I sigh some, looking at my appearance in the mirror. I scowl some as I look myself over, trying to find something positive in the outfit I was wearing. I hated the color pink. I mean, sure I'd wear it if I had to, but I honestly tried avoid dealing with it at all times...but since it was Natalia's favorite color and I was about to head to her memorial, I guess it was the respectful thing of me to wear it.

And I mean, my dress was low cut enough to be sexy, and there was no way I could wear a bra with this dress because it was as low cut in the back as it was in the front, so... if things got boring enough, I could always stage a wardrobe malfunction. I had no shame when it came to those kinds of things as long as it caused a scene and gave people something to talk about.

I quickly fix my hair and skillfully slip on another coat of lipstick before I throw it back into my clutch and start heading down the stairs to head to this memorial.

"Maybe, where are you going?" My uncle asks, looking up from his paper work. 

"A memorial for that girl who died at my school last year." I say quickly, just trying to continue walking without him questioning me again.

"Do you want a ride? Are you going to be okay going alone?"

"No, I'm fine just walking. It's not too far. And I'll be fine. I know pretty much everyone who is going to be there. I'll see you later when I get home, okay?" I say, forcing a fake smile at my uncle before rushing out of the door. I didn't have time for my uncle's overprotective nature today. I just wanted to go out and get this over with and try and figure out what to do with the rest of my day... It would be shame to be so dressed up and not going anywhere at least the littlest bit fun.

I look around, taking in the view of Buenos Aires as I make my way to Malba Museum.

I had been in Buenos Aires for just over a year, and I was still getting used to it all. It was so strange from going from a place like Southern California - Hollywood boulevard, the stars, the drama, the gossip, the center of the entertainment industry.... and then to be completely uprooted and forced to move to a foreign country that I barely knew anything about. I was lucky enough to meet friends right away, but things had been so strange since Natalia died, and that was only about six months after I moved here. Things seemed to have just been so out of control for me, and they didn't seem like they were going to slow down for me any time.

Everyday I was in contact with an agent back in LA to try and sell the life rights to my family's dramatic, but secret treason. It had been in the works, but after Natalia died, I slowed on negotiating. But now that it had been awhile, I was starting to work up the hype again. It was a slow process, but I knew I could do it.

I make my way to the corner, waiting to cross the street over to the museum. I lean against the stop sign as I wait for the light to change. I look up and watch the clouds as they float by, just to pass the time. I'm brought out of my thoughts by the sound of my phone ringing.

I quickly reach into my clutch, and answer my phone without even seeing who it is. I never really checked who was calling. I could always get my way out of talking to people I don't want to talk to, and I wasn't really one to say no to talking to strange people. And besides...sometimes it was fun to freak out strangers.

"Hello?" I say into the receiver as I answer the phone.

"Hey...what are you doing right now?" Bas asks me on the other end. Sebastian, or Bas, was one of the first people I met here in Buenos Aires. I met his sister Clementine and she and I quickly bonded over being master schemers. And after I met her, I soon met Bas, since he's her twin brother and he and I soon hit up a friendship of our own. I would say Clementine and Bas are probably the closest friends I had here in Buenos Aires.

I shrug some, ignoring the light as it changes. "Nothing...I was planning on going to Natalia's memorial thing. Why?" I ask, playing with the ends of my hair.

"You should come and smoke with me." He says, and I swear he has the slightest of smiles. "I thought about going to that thing and decided my time would be better spent smoking, and I thought maybe you would want to join me."

I think it over a minute. Truth be told, I didn't really want to go to this thing. "Where should I meet you?" I ask, as I stand back up, preparing myself to walk again.

"At our usual spot?" Bas asks on the other line.

I smile some, nodding. "Yeah, I'll be there in about ten."

"Okay...see you soon, Maybe." Bas says before he hangs up.

"See you..." I say, trailing off as I hang up as well. I throw my phone back into my clutch. I look and make sure the street is clear before I cross and make my way to where Bas and I usually smoke together. I mean, I never wanted to go to this thing in the first place, and I was all dressed up, so I might as well have some place to go, right?
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