Hurricane Relief Footwear Trunk Show
Today, Thursday, Nov 15 5:00p to 7:00p
at Cuoio Shoes, Boston, MA 
Who says fashion can’t have a heart? As we shop for our holiday outfits and prepare to give thanks for our many blessings this holiday season, Casa Couture invites guests to attend our Hurricane Relief trunk show at our Boston retail partner CUOIO on Newbury Street. Please join us in ensuring the victims of Hurricane Sandy have the food, blankets and other items they desperately need. Aside from receiving 15% off all merchandise, every shoe purchased will benefit the following organizations:
• Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund 
• The United Way Of Long Island 
• The American Red Cross 
As an added incentive, guests can also custom order their very own pair of Italian, hand-crafted Casa Couture shoes. We will have a special guest appearance by Mrs. Massachusetts and light refreshments will be served.

I sigh softly to myself as I check my hair and makeup in my bathroom mirror, making sure that I look perfect (or as close to it as possible). Tonight was my first official outing with one of my prospective royal consorts, Prince Gabriel Grosvenor. Our families had agreed to fly him into Boston in order to escort me to a charity event tonight, even though I wasn’t really sure why he would want to spend the evening looking at shoes with me. 

Once I finish checking my appearance I exit my bathroom, checking my clothes in my full length mirror in my bedroom before I go to my living room to wait for him to arrive. After I sit I pull out my iPhone, responding to a few emails and texts in order to pass the time. 

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Huh. Gabriel must be here early. I get up slowly, smoothing out my skirt as I walk over to my door. I pull it open, giving Gabriel a once-over before I grab my purse. “You’re early.” I murmur, offering him a half-smile so he knows that I’m not /really/ mad. I liked him, I really did...there was just something about him. He wasn’t a traditional “nice boy” prince like Prince Stephen was, he was more of a mysterious, “Bad boy” type. Not that there was anything wrong with being nice, I was pretty sure tat my parents would prefer for me to be with someone nice, but they said that it was my choice and I could pick Prince Gabriel or Prince Stephen as my official royal consort whenever I was ready.

Gabriel merely smiles in response to my comment, pressing his lips against my cheek. “You look lovely, princess.” He murmurs back at me, offering me his arm. “Shall we?”

I nod, linking my arm through his. “Please, call me Aimee.” I say as we walk out, making our way down the stairs and to his waiting car. Once we’re settled, I smile over at him, not really sure what to say. I felt like this whole outing was a test of sorts, to see if I was really capable of talking to a man on my own or something. And I was, but being alone in the back of a town car with Gabriel was making me unexplainably nervous. 

“So-” We both start to say, unintentionally cutting the other person off. Gabriel chuckles softly, motioning for me to go on. “Ladies first.”

I blush slightly, nodding. “Oh, it was nothing really. I was just going to ask why you agreed to spend the night basically shoe shopping with me.” I say, realizing how silly that must have sounded to him. I probably sounded like I didn’t want to spend time with him, but I did.

Gabriel shrugs in response, pursing his lips slightly. “Where we are or what we are doing doesn’t matter to me. I just want to get to know you better.”

I smile at his comment, not really sure what to say. I mean, what could I say to that? I stay silent for a few more moments before I figure something out. “That’s sweet of you to say.”

“It’s just the truth.” Gabriel replies, smiling over at me.

I return his smile, sighing softly in relief as the car pulls up at Cuoio. The door opens and Gabriel gets out first, offering me his hand once he’s on the sidewalk. I smile, thanking him as I get out. “I hope you’re ready to watch me buy shoes all night.” I say with a light laugh as we walk into the store, squeezing his hand gently. 

“Oh, I was born ready.”
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