For @chomiczynka's Warriors of 2012

Name: Hwang Min Hyun 
Group: NU’EST
Position: Lead Vocals, Face of the Group
Birth date: 8-10-1995

ok, i must accept that as soon as I saw him I knew I'd like him, he's one of the few guys I got to like from new groups, he's so 'my style' according to my sister but why is he soooooo young? why why? I'm slowly becoming a pedo nonna T___T lol and I like NU'EST songs a lot, probably more than BAP's warrior... I must accept that it's a good song but I still don't understand why it received so much attention... :/ Maybe I'm weird because usually I never spazz over the 'big' groups like everybody does with 2NE1... or Big Bang for example, but whatever...

 U-KISS is making a comeback soon but I'm afraid they won't get number 1, at first I had a blind faith and truly believed they'd get it but now, that feeling is fading, I think their company is the problem, seriously... cancel the attendance to the Dream Concert and instead they go to Colombia? seriously... the point is, they should be promoting non stop their new album, appearing in variety shows and trying to gain attention in Korea, but instead they leave for a festival where people expects to see Shakira shaking her hips and those Latin Artist who sing about girl's butts and partying... I mean, don't get me wrong but I know Latin people, the radio that is organizing the event is spread along Latin America and they have this kind of festivals in my country as well, so i know that people expects this music so they can see the almost naked back up dancers rubbing against the singers... and not unknown (for them) Asian artists ¬_¬ sorry but even if some fans gather to cheer for u-kiss the response will be weak and I'm afraid it'd be disappointing for the guys... well i'm turned in my opinion because it'd be exactly the same if they attend to Dream Concert, they'd probably have put them to open the concert and even newbies would perform later than them... It's sad that they are not taken seriously, it makes me pissed off... lol they are like a joke for everybody, they are so talented that I feel that at some point they will suddenly disband due to the lack of response in Korea... my god, why am I being this negative? I had a crappy day so sorry girls... I'm trying to take out all my negative thoughts so I can focus on my school work.. but damn! i'm wrong I can't do anything and i feel so useless! i wish I'd be able to concentrate but I even had an argument with my sister and now I'm feeling uneasy, I need to talk to her and say sorry but at the same time I feel that if I do so I'll have to explain all my problems and at the end we'll end by arguing again---- life, life, life you seem so easy and simple... that's why you're so complicated! T_T

oh and btw, I created a new contest in my Korean Drama group

I'll try to explain it briefly, it's about how you imagine one of your ploy-friends in a drama, for example I always imagine J-unnie working in a tv channel and showing her talent in very unusual ways while catchings everybody's attention. The male character would be some actor or famous celebrity who always meets her in the wrong moment and it'd be played by someone like Lee Byung hun, they both would hate each other and she would pay more attention to a young scriptor (L) aspiring to have his own program, but at the end due to various episodes they'll fall in love, yeah that's it... I need to develop this idea, probably I'll make a story when I have some free time ^__^ but you got the point of this contest, right?
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