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Maya Sosa [SOS]-- Chinese New Year {Long, sorry}

“Come on!” January whined as she attempted to pull me out of my chair. 
“I don’t wanna!” I stubbornly clung to both arm rests.
Today was the day that hundreds of people flocked to the International District to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was great. There were booze, boys, and food. My three favorite things. However, I just was not in the mood to go out today. Instead I sat at work, enjoying my one way staring competition with Darren. Darren and his big brown eyes, that caused my knees to weaken on a regular basis, were my newest obsession. They, or should I say he, was the only thing that kept me from going insane while I was at work. The quiet sounds of the library, the stupid questions people asked, the annoying bosses, and the scary towers of books in the stacks combined as a horrible insanity pill that I was forced to swallow. And in all that madness Darren was my remedy, completely unbeknownst to him of course. 
“What ‘cha thinking about?” January asked in a sweet sing-song voice. 
I mimicked, “Killing you…” 
She continued her futile attempts at pulling me out of the chair. Little does she know exactly how much practice I have had at this. Come on, ten people, a small house, not much sitting room. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that chair stealing and retrieval was common place in my home. As the youngest, I was usually the one who was being forced up. 
However, what I had not counted on was exactly how good Jan was at whining. Suddenly Jan made this insane shriek that sounded like a giraffe with a sore throat. Everyone in the library, who wasn’t already staring at us, turned their heads to see what all of the commotion was. Jan and I burst into hysterics, producing even more noise. It was not until we got attention from “The Pelican” aka Ms. Goulding, my boss that I decided that we should tone it down. 
“Maya, out!” The pelican pointed her long, gawky arm toward the door. 
Jan muttered under her breath, “Yeah, because we don’t know where the f.ckin’ door is.”
More laughing ensued as we packed our bags and left. 
“Great, you’re free. Now let’s go!” Jan’s nonchalant nature made me feel almost as if she had planned the whole thing, and maybe she had. God knows that girl’s got more than a few tricks up her sleeve. 
There I sat on a stool in Venus Karaoke, the lively bar that Jan had picked. I glanced at my phone just as I had every five minutes for the past hour. January slipped away ten minutes after we arrived, and I hadn’t seen her since. However, rather atypically, I did not care. I did not feel like being at a bar. I did not feel like going out. I did not feel like babysitting the drunken January Sparrow. So I didn’t. 
After an hour of pretending like I cared about this week’s “totally awesome”,“ wildly crazy”, “can’t miss”, utterly insipid social event, I was done. [wow, lots of commas and bad grammar] I was ready to leave. 
I set out to find Jan to tell her I was leaving, which seemed like the right thing to do. Of course that was before I did two laps of the place and realized she was nowhere to be found. I saw a girl wearing something similar to Jan, with the same long dark hair. It wasn’t her though. Instead, it was the adorable Seraphina Holland. A girl that I had heard a lot about from Chris, a ginger in my photo media class. I was bored, and failing miserably at my search for finding Jan so I figured I might as well introduce myself to Chris’ lady love. 
I pulled my camera out of my purse, and yelled "Excuse meeeeeeee! Would you mind if I take your picture? I lovvvve your outfit!" Despite my ulterior motives, that was true. Her outfit was adorable. 
I made my way through the crowd, and walked right up to Seraphina with my arm outstretched for a handshake. "Oh, and, I'm Maya! Maya Sosa!" 
"Nice to meet you Maya!" She took my hand, "I'm Seraphina Holland." 
She seemed sweet, just as Chris had described. "So Seraphina, do you mind if I take your picture?"
"No, not at all." She smiled. "Just tell me where to sta..."
I quickly snapped the photo before she could pose, which caused her to look at me rather strangely. I explained, "Sorry about this! I just prefer spontaneous pictures." I smiled, then looked at my camera. "Besides, you look great!"
I turned the camera around for her to see. It was a pretty decent photo. It showed Sera standing in the middle of a crowded party with fireworks and craziness in the background. Yet still accentuated the outfit. Not bad if I do say so myself. 
"Wow! You're really good at this!" Sera applauded. 
"Thanks. My major is Photo media."
As her face slowly reddened, she asked, "Do any chance...happen to know Chris? Chris Martins?"
"As a matter of fact I do!" I smiled, feeling as though I had been caught. I mean, is snooping in other people's lives REALLY a crime? "He's the only ginger guy in the class."
Realizing my ulterior motives were still actually had not been figured out, I continued prodding, "Why? Do you like him?" 
Her face blossomed to a nice fire-truck red, but there was no answer. It seemed as if she was battling herself. Not wanting to give too much information to a complete stranger. However, I was on a mission! "Oooooh. Well, I can tell you... I think he likes you a lot too. He's been daydreaming a lot, which isn't that big of deal actually. He always daydreams. But whenever he's not, he's talking about you. How he met you and blah, blah, blah! It's almost annoying actually." 
"Does he?" Now her face had gone full on Rihanna hair red, and she had a beaming smile to match it. My mission was complete. She likes him. He likes her. I could now wrap up my meddling, and go home. 
"Yup! Just be nice to him, he seems.... gentle." Just then, I saw Chris out of the corner of my eye and winked. 
I quickly made my exit and returned to my search for January. 
I stood in a room full of smoke and fornicating co-eds. A room that I had no idea the Venus Karaoke Bar had. A quick skim of the room, and there she was. In a booth full of people, there January sat atop Evan Mesner’s lap like a trained puppy. In that instant, I was mad at her. Not jealous, mad. Angry. Upset. I’ve been sitting around bored out of my mind, while she’s having the time of her life playing house with Evan “ Me” Mesner. After all, why was I dragged here if all she was going to do was ditch me the second she saw Evan? 
I stomped over to her and announced, “I’m leaving.” Then quickly turned away in fear that she would have another half-brained scheme to keep me there. I had taken a few steps towards the door before I realized Evan was following me out, clearly attempting to foil my dramatic exit. As he tapped my shoulder, I whipped around “What do you want?” 
“Me? I don’t want anything. However my friend,” Evan nodded his head in the direction of one of his frat brothers, “wants you to meet you.” 
“Well that’s nice for him.” Don’t get me wrong, the guy was drop dead gorgeous. However, he had his hands full with three other girls that seemed to be waiting on him hand and foot. I refuse to be the kind of girl who guys for that kind of guy. You know, the douche. 
“Oh come on.” Evan put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back to the couch of blissful fornication. He pushed me onto the couch, to which I sighed and folded my arms. He then gestured for The Douche to come over. Joy. 
It seemed as if he was walking in slow motion, like the bar suddenly became a crappy IZOD commercial. However during my initial protests against this hook up, there was thing I hadn’t counted on: The Douche was /really/ hot. 
“Ok, maybe I was being a bit overdramatic.” I reasoned with myself. I mean, his face looked as if it had been chiseled by Michelangelo. “Yup, I was just in a grumpy mood. This won’t be so bad right?” As my eyes slid down his body, and to their delight they saw a perfectly carved frame. The Douche was more than a mere man, he was a work of art. A sculpture fashioned by God and handed down to woman kind to brighten our lives. “As an artist, I can not turn down this divine artwork. Right? Right.” 
Finally, his stroll had come to an end and The Douche sat next to me. 
“Hi” He smiled, before leaning in to kiss my cheek. 
And just like that, things were beginning to look up. 
If you read it all, please write "The Douche."
Btw, how hot is Nils Butler?
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
Girl is so classy her boots match her condoms.That's a true fashionista for ya.
Oh i like that belt a lot.I've been so tempted over the months to buy one i don't something inside of me has been stopping me.It's like my soul knows i'll just end in the bottom of my closet.Oh wow that was dramatic eh?chyeah.well you make fran freaking tastic sets,that is all.

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
this is amazing! i love how you combined the doll with your usual layout



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