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So monsters and men are my muse for this one! Oh look, I sneaked some clothes into this one and is that... a SPIRITHOOD?! Why yes it is, reader, thank you for noticing! If you've never heard of them... LOOK THEM UP FOR THEY ARE AMAZING. I don't know why I'm obsessed with them - they're over £100 o.o but I still want one! It's the only thing that is expensive that I feel I just.. NEED. 

Anyways, I mixed this set up as you heard before I began to rant about spirithoods awesomeness, hope you like it :D 

Oh yes! A quiz! I almost forgot! Sorry if you had to read through all of that to get here :P

[x]You have long hair
[]You have medium legth hair
[]You have short hair

[]You're blonde
[x]You're brunette
[]You're ginger
[]You have an other hair colour

[x]You have natually strait hair
[]You have natually wavy hair
[]You have natually curly hair

[x]You have blue eyes
[]You have green eyes
[]You have hazel eyes
[]You have brown eyes
[]You have grey eyes

[]You weigh over 50kg
[x]You weigh under 50kg

[x]You have pale skin
[]You have tan skin
[]You have dark skin

[x]You have no peircings
[]You have one peircing
[]You have two peircings
[]You have three peircings
[]You have four peircings
[]You have five peircings
[]You have six or more peircings
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