Frankie Baker; solo :'(

I passed a nervous hand through my hair, giving a quick look at the watch on my wrist in the while and moving my eyes swiftly to the crowd looking for him without succes. my left feet drummed rhythmically on the sidewalk and my hand dropped back to reach my hip. why was so nervous all of a sudden? incredibly i was able to feel unconfortable even if i had been seeing graham for five weeks. i shook my head dramatically as a bunch of kids pushed eachother , passing me and eventually bumping on my left foot. "" i muttered under my breath, slightly jumping on the right one, in pain, limping awkwardly. 

"hey" graham's deep voice reached me from behind as i felt a warm hand on my arm. "sorry, i'm late" he added, tigthening lightly the grip on it and leaning to put a soft kiss on my cheeks. i blushed as i always did when he made contact with me.

he grinned, confidently, addressing me with a bright smile, "it's okay" i replied suddenly forgetting about my 'injured' foot and turning my attention to his gorgeous accent and equally amazing features. "i had time to reorganize my agenda" i shrugged in the direction of my huge work bag, whose weight was clearly boosted by my huge leather planner. 

"always working so hard, love" he replied casually, placing a hand on my little back and pushing me through the crowd until we reached a little quiet cafè on the street. i felt my cheeks burning brighter as his hand stood firmly on the light fabric of my top; i was being my usual childish self, over analyzing every move he made and every word he said to me. but nobody could really blame, he was too good to be real and i, well, was my usual self: socially awkward."this place is nice" i said as we entered and took place around a table in the corner. graham sat in front of me, elegantly placing a hand on the back of the seat and crossing his legs at the ankles, touching slightly mine under the table. 

"hungry?" he asked pursuing his lips together, passing his tongue on the bottom lip and looking at the menu absentmindedly. i shifted my eyes unconfortably to the table, turning my attention to my menu instead that staring at him being utterly sexy. i tried to keep my face straight, bothering about my own behaviour. when did i turn into a drooling teenager?

"starving" i replied smoothly as a pretty brunette waiter neared us to take our orders. he grinned knowingly as i tried to ignore my perpeually flushed cheeks and his gorgeous eyes on me. "for me linguine with mushrooms and truffle oil" i addressed to the curvy girl whose eyes were all for graham. "pasta with bolougnese sauce" he stated firmly, smiling gently before turning to look at me, "i love italian food". i nodded, "have you ever been to italy?" i asked, placing a hand under my chin and leaning my head to the side curiously. "never, but i would love to" he shrugged, assuming an adorable thoughtful expression.

"have you?" he asked, while the waitress walked back to us with our plates super fastly. "a bunch of times for work but i rarely had time to visit it properly since i was alway stuck with some super serious designer-" i said, filling my mouth with a huge bite of linguine. i hummed softly and graham laughed, swirling a fork between his index and thumb and eventually bring the spaghetti to his lips. we chewed both slowly, in silence. "once,in florence, frida giannini's assistant took me to have lunch in a tiny restaurant in the tuscany countryside" i said, between a bite and another, "i had spent the whole day taking notes about new colours and trends, deciding whether to choose some awesome gucci's shoes for april issue... my feet were hurting like hell-" i giggled seeing his face looking at me with a sly smile "sorry, i'm rambling" truth was that i loved my job and the fact that it allowed me to travel whenever i wanted but i knew how boring it made me look when i spoke about it again and again . graham shook his head strongly, "not at all. i'm fascinated, go on" he encouraged me gently. 

"well, as i was saying, my feet were hurting badly and i was starving to death so this young italian gentleman drove me to a lovely ristorante. i swear to god i've never tasted lasagne like that anymore" i muttered assuming a dreamy face and winking flirtly at him. i realized i had never behaved so naturally in a long time. not with a guy i liked at least. since the very moment he had come to pick the drunken me after my evening with jules something had changed between us. we clearly were not ready to change our statuses from single to taken, yet, nor were we disposed to discuss our costant hanging out/making out since i was the very personification of omerta.....nonetheless i was costantly bewitched by his attentions not to mention his good look and super hot accent. 

"a young italian gentleman, uh?" he asked, raising a brow with a wide smile as i bit down my bottom lip. "yup" i grinned back, flipping my hair back pompously making him laugh. "and good italian food. the perfect match" i added, teasingly. "i like you" he said all of a sudden, after a long pause, smiling widely and leaving me stunned. "what-" i replied, stopping my fork half way to my mouth and placing it back on the plate. he shrugged casually, "i fancy you" he added, "not that i didn't before getting to know you but i tought it was because of your look". i blushed furiously and started to cough proably choking with my own breath. "i look pretty delicious, i must admit" i paused meeting his entertained gaze, "seriously........stop saying things like that" i said calmly. he raised a brow again, quizzically, "things like what?" he asked, brushing my hand with his. "don't make me say it" i muttered, tossing my hair before my face creating a curtain, feeling like a child "dating?" he teased me, knowing how much i hated labels, mostly referring to our 'thing'. "but i do like you and you should make an honest man of me" his lips turned from a playful smirk into the cutest pout. 

i turned back to my linguine, trying to concentrate on the delicious sauce but really only thinking about his stupid silly face. "is it so bad dating me?" i raised my face from the plate, meeting his smirk. i shrugged, giggling "no need to answer, sweetheart. i know you like me too" "if you say so" i stated resolutely laughing at his half-disappointed, half-stunned face.

 "where should i take you on our next date, love?" he asked back being a tease, making me grimace at the emphasis on the d word "stop" i moved a hand in front of me gesturing eloquently, "cinema? or teather maybe?" he replied all satisfied with himself. i groaned, failing at holding a smile. he was the silliest man on earth, for sure. and the hottest, i thought, looking down at his lips... "i said stop it" i stuffed my mouth with pasta, not bothering to meet his eyes. he stared at me quietly, with those intense eyes scanning my face, "cinema it is then." he winked, leaving some bills on the table to pay and taking my hand to pull me out of the restaurant. "i haven't say yes" he turned to look at me as we stopped on the street. he placed a hand on my head to ruffle my hair getting a bad glare from me. my lips eventually turned into a tiny smile as he leant to mutter in my ear with that diabolic accent of his "like you would ever say no".
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