NAME; Mirabella Jacobs
likes:Boys, High heels, animls,swimming,strawberries
dislikes:relationships, Her father and his new wife, Rude people,Home wreckers
style:Boho-chic with a vintage and an edgy flair
home town:Miami Florida
bio:Mirabella has never liked relationships for as long she remebered she was the girl in high school that the boys swooned over and there girls hated, this all happened when she caught her dad cheating on her mom and she thought it was normal until they broke up and got a divorce and she never heard from her mother again, Now Mari was stuck with a father who she couldn't stand and a women who she completely hated,Mari never gets close to guys because she feared they would do what her father did to her mom and she can't take another broken heart So it's safe the say this turned Mari into a bit of a player she sleeps around and leaved before they wake up nothing more then 2 dates, 3 if your really good .Many guys have tried to get over the huge brick wall she puts up but the always get pushed all the way out the door and never to be seen again.Mari took up modeling when a friend of hers needed help with a project and she was a natural in front of the camera it's what she was born to do.So when Mari got the call about a huge magazine company wanted to feature her in on of there magazines she jumped at the chance to leave Miami and never look back. San Francisco is her new home and filled with lots of guys that she wants to play with.
status:Playing the field
looks:Candice Swanepoel

I walked into my bedroom and threw a pillow at my guest from last night who's name I couldn't remember "What the hell?" he said 
"You need to leave" I said walking to my closet
"Maybe in an hour after we have breakfast"he said as I turned to look at him
"I have a meeting and you need to get out of my apartment" I said throwing him his clothes
"Okay someones angry in the morning" he said as he started to get dressed 
When he was done he walked over to me and pulled me towards him "Last night was fun, maybe we can do it again"
"I don't think so" I said 
He smirked and kissed my cheek and said "call me"
I nodded and smiled as he walked out and I continued to get dressed and I walked down the street to get some coffee 
"Ummm a grande White Mocha please" I said smiling
"Name?" the cashier said
"Mari" I said as I pulled out my wallet
"$4.00" the cashier said
I handed him the cash and walked to the other side to wait for my name to be called "Mari , Grande white chocolate mocha" a barista called
I walked up to get my drink but someone else reached for it at the same time, he turned and looked at me staring up at him "Excuse thats my drink"
"No its not" he said
"Well I don't think your name is Mari, or is it?" I said raising an eyebrow
"Actually it's Joseph I'm so sorry" he said handing me my drink
"Well it's a good think your cute" I said smiling 
"Can I buy you a pastry or something?" he asked
"Maybe a another time I have somewhere to be" I said 
He nodded and smiled as I looked at my phone and realised and I had about an hour to get to the meeting and I started to walk towards the huge building and sat in a little park 5 minutes aways to breathe in the fresh air I noticed I had a text message from my dad ad it read
I hope your having fun in San Francisco , I really do miss and I love you princess
I rolled my eyes and threw away my coffee cup and popped a breath mint in my mouth and walked towards the huge double doors of Runway I stopped at the receptionist's desk "Hi how may I help you" she said smiling
"I'm here to see Max" I said smiling 
"Okay have seat and he'll be rite down" she said gesturing to the seats behind me
I nodded and sat down and picked up a magazine off the little table abouta minute later I heard my name being called by a very handsome man
"Nice to meet you Maribella" he said smiling
"Oh call me Mari, and the pleasure is all mine" I said as we got into the elevator a , we made small talk and then we got into his office and got to business
"Well Mari you do have the look we are looking for" he said as I smiled
"I just need to take a few headshots then you can leave" he said as I stood up aand stood against the wall as he took about 4 pictures 
 As I was walking back to the elevator I bumped into someone I looked up and smiled "Coffee stealer guy"
"Well it's Joe and yup thats me" he said
"So how about that pastry now, I have a break" he said smiling
"Sure I'm not busy or anything" I said pressing the elevator button
I smiled as we got outside and the girl at front desk raised her eye brows at us as Joe waved at her, he was cute and that was about it,and he is good company
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