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How did I start Polyvore? 

That's a long story that starts with one thing: I'm a writer. Or at least, now I'm a writer. 

Four years ago I started writing on role-playing sites. I made characters that I used, and when I role-played with other people, I made sets to show what their outfits were. I always put so much effort into every character I made, every aspect of their character. I went into detail of their personality, what they liked, what they hated, their strengths and weaknesses. I went deep into their history and explained their past, their family, and milestones in their life. With this, I had a picture in my head of what they looked like, and I found celebrities that fit my mental image. I knew how my character would walk, talk, act, behave in certain situations, look like, even sound like. Also, I knew what they would wear, but I couldn't find a picture that best described it.

That was where Polyvore came in. With this, I chose what I want, what I thought would look good, and what I thought expressed my character's personality and attributes. It allowed me to be creative, and it fueled my writing muse knowing seeing what I made and how it would tie into the 'thread' or topic I was writing. I entered sites that required a good five or six hundred words per a post, and muse was crucial in making that count. Not to mention, it brought my characters to life in a way that I never thought they would.

At first, I would just place things together simply. Now, I try my hardest to put my heart in every set I make, which is why I made a new account. With this account, I hope to put a large amount of time into each individual set.

Polyvore broadened my horizons and allowed my imagination to roam free in wide open pastures. It allows me to relax and unwind, forget things and do something that gives me a satisfying result. When I see my sets, I feel happy knowing that I tried my hardest to make my sets the best they can be.
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