what you will need: a cute dress, ribbon (optional), card board, sharpie, sissors, and a needle and thread (or sowing machine if you know how to use one),
1. take a cute dress (cheap in case you mess up.)
2. draw a really good heart on the cardboard with the sharpie (however big you want the heart on the back is how big you should draw it) 
3. cut out the card board heart and put it where you want it on the back of the dress. 
4. pinch a place on the fabrick right next to the heart and snip, careful to only cut the back of the dress. cut around the outline (the card board heart) 
5. when you are done, take the ribbon and sow it around the edges of the heart that is now in the back of your dress. if you dont want to do that just hem the heart. also you can just leave it be, but i dont recomend doing that. 
tah duh, a cute new heart back cutout dress :D
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