todays one of those days where you just get so confused about everything.

so he admitted to me that he likes me and wanted to ask me out, yet he has another girlfriend.

he told me he didn't because he felt i didn't feel the same why.

that it would ruin our current best friend relationship.

& i admitted to him i have a crush on him.

i don't know if his feelings faded for me by now.

i don't know if he moved on to her.

but if he really liked her, why is he telling me all this right now?

when he has a girlfriend?

or is he just saying that?

but i hope it didn't. idk, i guess i was wrong about things. but i hope he changes. 

& until then, theres really nothing i can do.

but i don't know what happened today.

i saw him and literally like my heart beated 9000x faster. 

the whole day i couldn't stop thinking about it.

i kept dropping everything today.

my mind was like somewhere else.

i couldn't even have the guts to reply 'hi' back to him.

i'm just confused.

or am i starting to get feelings?

i mean, i see us together.

but then its like, what if he hurts me?

i'm scared.

lifes hard.
boys are complicated to understand.
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