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Yvette dresses primarily in darker colors with splashes of bright (particularly reds and purples), retaining some of the edge her apparel had in her youth. Thigh high stockings or socks are one of her style signatures, and she still likes denim in studded vests or shorts, though not as commonly, as there is a somewhat dressier, marginally more sophisticated note to her daily wardrobe. She favors, in addition to the over-the-knee stockings, short wool skirts, berets, denim hotpants, slip dresses, mod accents like 'Lennon' sunglasses, silk or leather jackets, patterned tights, long-sleeve minidresses, off-shoulder sweaters, wedge sneakers, platform heels, sheer dresses or blouses over bustiers (or...sometimes just her bra...), cross necklaces or other items that reference deliberate heresy in some way, warm metallic fabrics, layered-on necklaces, lacy camisoles, large hoop earrings, printed tank tops with deep necklines (...again worn low enough to expose some of her bra), second-skin jeans, and lots and lots of boots, her favorites being the cherry-red Celines. Her nails are done up fairly artistically, and she has a signature 18th century garnet ring she nearly always wears. Guerlain's "Nahema" is her signature perfume.

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