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"And then, I totally told the dude to back the F off. He was a flamer. A total fa.g bag." Dara slurred as I bit into my grape snowcone. Brain freeze made me stiffen up in my seat.

She bit into the fudgey brownie that sat infront of her. A feather floated off of her head band and landed on the table infront of us. She looked at it with wide eyes, "Dudee... This looks like this should go on my headband!" She stated, totally flabbergasted.

I slapped my forehead. What an airhead, "Oh Dara..." I sighed.

She looked up at me with big eyes, "Chyeahh Anissa?"

I just shook my head, "So have you met any guys?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"All these 'boys' are flamers... to the extreme. Like gag me with a spoon." She smeared gold glitter lipstick over her lips. Some got on her front tooth.

I giggled to myself, "Uh.. Dara." I muttered.

She looked at me, her head swaying back and forth, "Yeah, Brownie?" She asked.

"You got a little.. somethin somethin..." I started to rub my front tooth.

She tilted her head to the side. What a ditz, "Huhh?"

"Gold lipstick. Front tooth. Bothering me. Get. It. Off." I told her with a faint smile.

"Ahhh." She nodded her and smiled brightly at me.

"Africaaa!" I heard the voice of the devil. I looked over my shoulder to see Rowlan. Dara kicked me under the table.

"Who's heee?" She questioned.

"Rowlan." I whispered as he made his way over.

"Africa. You look stunning... as always." He winked at me. He pulled a chair up to our table and took a bite out of my snowcone. 

I handed it to him, "Have it." I snapped.

Dara furrowed her eyebrows at me, "I'm Dara." She winked at him.

He nodded, "Rowlan Moore. Nice to meet you, Glitter." He seemed like he had a nack for making up nicknames on the spot. Dou.chebag.

"Soo, Rowlan.. you decide to follow me here?" I questioned as I thumber through a old magazine with the King of Pop on the front.

He pushed the magazine down onto the table, "It just so happens, I like snowcones." He took a huge bite out of the ice covered in purple flavoring. He shivered with a brainfreeze. 

"Haa!" Dara chuckled, "Happens to everyoneee!" She clapped her hands together. This girl was crazy and I loved it!

Rowlan looked at Dara with a puzzled look, "Where do you pick up these kind of people?"

I ignored his question, "Why do you always try to hit on me, Cracker?" I questioned with a smile.

"Cause you are totally gnarly. Someone I dig." He replied lookin straight at me. Those stupid blue eyes.

"Awwwwwwwwwwh." Dara sighed as she put her hand over her heart, "That belonged in like The Breakfast Club."

I laughed to myself. I love my friend. Crazy glittler girl, "Listen... Rowlan. You have been a jerk since I met you. With all your little comments.... they make me want to punch you." I huffed.

He nodded his head, "Agreed."

"And I just rea---..." I paused, "Wait... whaa?"

"I'm properly classified as a jerk face." 

Dara nodded in agreement, "I agree. You are."

We both looked at her, "Umm.. right. Anywhoo... I was wondering if I could take you to that Madonna concert..."

I smiled brightly, "I already have a ticket... hope you do too." I laughed.

He nodded quickly, "Oh I do. I'll meet you at you're dorm. Just be waiting." He stood from the table and smiled, "Can't wait, Africa." He then turned to Dara, "Bye, Glitter."

She grinned and licked her lips, "Buh-bye boiii."

After Rowlan was gone, I squarmed in my chair and looked at Dara, "I have a DATE!" I squeaked, throwing my arms up in the air.

She plastered a huge grin on her face, "They grow up so quick." She wiped a fake tear from her gold glitter covered eyes.

I smiled at her, "I guess they doo..."


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