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Finally ,Kai has solo outstanding,sexy baby in my set..
Did I ever mentioned that i really do like guy who had beautiful hands,beautiful fingers !! and Kai had these stuff.

This set mixed 2 events pics from Dream concert&recenly perf of EXO-K MAMA.
120520 EXO-MAMA:

Today I'll write about some part of SM & Kai..
First off,I decided to not following EXO fan page[official web],after i realized that indeed SM fans are really crazy,strongly confident following,claver seeking things..

**Compared my self while i spent my days on YG family things,i fees relaxing,happy and not feels like a day is challenge i can't find words to tell clearly but i can say this YG give me freedom&soul.
srry about complain I feels like i can't breath I'm not insane for this feeling but being SM fans such a weird do for me..I'm not new remember the days I'm enjoy that much Shinhwa.
not gonna be lies but TVXQ made me tired.. alot of fans a lot of trouble,more love,so much Anti.

I feels about this to Kai..
stupid me while i watching Youtube,posted pics..
or come to my officially fan web in JP ..coz of someone ask me to translate [I'm retired to be translator of another long time ago but only for Big Bang if someone ever watching it plsss not saying my name on youtube site thanks!! ]and i'm curious,questioning but not surprise !!
Anti EXO,specially Anti Kai?
What? crazy randomness mentioned being always wore colored jackets&stay in the middle and many bad things into him.

Suddenly i laughing so hard for this stupid anti thoughts?? but not a joke 
ppl started to talks about Kai's Jackets isn't fair 
his dancing skill too,likes i've said someday ppl will sick of Kai overrated and wow you guys an early before he show personality.
I see Kai not the same when he off stage he just a kid,ordinary,shy,less talks,and not anymore stealing the scene just being himself.

For me Kai caught my eyes coz his step dance..seriously that kid have sth hiding inside this pretty face def.i like his face most lolzzzzz:)

After my conclusion,I just realized that if i stressful from this crazy randomness i'll feels the same likes happened with TVXQ before..
Errrrrr keep it up Jong In ah i believe that Anti will out of your way ..even you can't show singing skill but who can deny his dancing..
I'm an ahjumma who waiting my kids grow up day by day..P.S I'm not much older okay

So damn Kai you're sexy,so hot and your Jackets too
pls take it off if you don;t want to wear it..
I know someone get it about his Jackets so what?

Laughing <333
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