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Hey Everyone! So I thought I would show you how to do Caviar Nails today. You can buy a complete set at Sephora for $25, if you would like, or you could save money and do them this way:

~Nail Polish
~Recollections Microbeads (available at Michaels) or small sprinkles
~Plate or tray

1. Paint all of your nails with one coat of the color nail polish you picked out. 
2. Start by painting one finger with a second coat of nail polish and then sprinkle on your beads or sprinkles. Make sure to do this over a plate or tray so you don't waste beads.You can also just dip your finger into the container of beads. Make sure your entire nail is covered.
3. Gently press on the beads, and do this with all of your nails. 
4. Use a funnel or fold a paper plate to get the excess beads back into their container.
5. Enjoy your gorgeous nails!


*This manicure won't last long because you can't put a topcoat on the beads, so I recommend doing this for a special event or just for fun!
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