Best Song Ever- One Direction ♥
BOTB;;Round 5-
-it clearly has to be your team bird-CHECK 
-the item you choose has to be big enough to see it. -CHECK
-must use your team bird. -CHECK
-include jewelry with your bird (5 points)-CHECK
-include a dress (not a picture, but an item) ( 5 points)-CHECK
-include a picture of food ( 5 points)-CHECK
Flamingos- 650 total 
1) @thisisme2012 // Nic // 115 points
2)@callmerachelmay // Rachel // 105 points
3)@blvckpyrvmids // King // 65 points
4)@armenjhoanna // Jhoanna // 65 points 
5)@bryanna-harrell // Bryanna // 25 points
6)@fashion-challenges // Lexie // 60 points
7)@crazycatlady24 // Gabby // 80 points 
8)@valerie-valentine // Valerie // 55 points 
9)@day-dreamer15 // Katie // 85 points 
10)@jmcsparin // Johnna // 0 points

First set for THG! ♥
District: 2 ♥
Model: Aurora Mohn
Token: Sister's Pearl Necklace (under the shoes)
Reaping Day: (sorry, it's kinda long! c:
"No! No! No!" was the last thing I said before my mom woke me up. She gave me an exhausted look as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a tissue to wipe away my tears. I turn to look at the clock noticing that it's only 4:37 a.m. and I motion for her to go back to sleep. I had that dream again, that terrible dream..the same dream that has haunted me ever since my sister, Chloe passed away. Chloe was in the 94th Annual Hunger Games, she was much stronger than me, intelligent, a great worker and a good listener. Chloe was made for the Hunger Games, she was great with a bow and arrow! She was a natural. I've always admired Chloe, I always wanted to be as strong and skilled as her. I've always been the more girly one out of us, but I do have some skill! Being a career it makes it easier for us to train. I can throw knives pretty well & I can also climb high too. Anyways, just thinking about today being reaping day gives me a heart attack! Not just because I have a chance of being chosen, but because 6 years ago from today was the last time I saw Chloe. She was 16, like I am now..I would've done anything I could do to keep her here but I was only 10 at the time! There was nothing I could do..I remember watching the games on tv, it was Chloe and some dark-haired boy from district 4 left at the time until he shot her with a bow from behind..and in a flash she was gone, gone from me forever. Now that picture replays every night in my dreams. --- I look over at my clock again to see that I've been laying in bed for 3 hours caught up in my thoughts, so I decide to get up and change into a sleeveless cream colored jean jacket, a light pink dress & some lace lita shoes. Quite my style, girly but elegant! I smell the fresh aroma of blueberry pancakes, my favorite, coming from kitchen! I walk in the kitchen to see my mom holding a black box as she walks over to me. "Good morning sweetheart" she says as she puts a beautiful pearl necklace around my neck, the same one that Chloe wore on reaping day 6 years ago. I give her a small smile and sit down at the table beside my father. I can barely eat so we just decide to drive over to the park where we hold the reaping ceremony every year. After I register I go stand by my friend Nikki as she gives me a confident look and says "Don't look so scared Bella, we've been training for this for years! I might even volunteer this year, I already know I'm strong enough." I just look away trying to find my boyfriend Liam, tall, muscular, perfect. He comes to stand by me and holds my hand as some ridiculous looking lady comes out on a platform before us. She walks over to the middle and taps on the microphone "Helloooo Ladies and gentlemen of District 2! Welcome to the 100th annual Hunger Games!" Said the annoying lady in a high pitched Capitol accent after we watched the video. "As you all know it is a Quarter Quell! So I must pick a category out of this little bowl here." exclaimed the lady as she put her freshly polished nails into the bowl picking out a white piece of paper. She gasps right before she reads it out loud "hmmm..well this one is a shocker here! This years Hunger Games will only consist of girls!" As everyone looks around with mouths wide open in awe, she pulls out the first name, it was a young little blue-eyed girl named Hazel..her cousin came to the rescue though as a volunteer which happens quite often in our district. Her name was Marbel Strader...I think we went to school together! We never really talked much, we might as well just came from different worlds. I don't think she likes me, this is the first time I've ever seen her in a dress, she looked pretty.. As she walks up to the podium the lady pulls another name out of the bowl.. "Isabella Clark" I look up in shock, Liam squeezes my hand tightly and I look over to see my parents in shock too. I hear many of my friends shout out to volunteer I shake my head and walk up beside Marbel. "Isabella..darling, you seem to have many loving friends who would like to volunteer for you! Are you sure you would like to decline that offer?!" Said the lady as she looks up at me. "I'm Sure!" I say as I pull a blonde strand of my hair behind ear. "I have to do this for Chloe..I will win for Chloe" I declare as some strong peacekeepers pull me away from the podium. "For Chloe, I will win for Chloe" I whisper to myself.

♡include a token from your district // ✓
♡include a brief story on how you were reaped. // ✓
♡include a picture of a model/actress to represent your character // ✓
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