ll Bare Hands- Delta Goodrem ll
Monday, July 23, 2012: Today's a relaxation day, which means, we're all heading down to Surfside Beach to soak up some sun or maybe wade into those glowing waters. Feel free to maybe invite a certain boy toy, or stay solo for the day and enjoy it. Afterwards, we'll be enjoying a fine family dinner at Topper's to celebrate just the start of our amazing, unforgettable summer! 
I settle into the back of Cadillac Escalade, one of our cars that we're taking to the beach. Some of the girls that can drive are driving themselves, and I would've, but I decided against it. I didn't feel like driving. So, I chose this car, along with Cass and China and of course my mother and father.
The air conditioner is blasting at the highest temperature of cold, but it's still dying hot. I fan myself with my hands, then tugging at the end of my silk tank top before finally pulling it off and showing my bikini top underneath. 

"What the hell are you doing?" China asks.

"I'm hot," I roll my eyes, "What does it look like I'm doing?" I say sarcastically. 

"It really doesn't help that you're wearing all black," She retorts. 

"Moody, much?" She snakes back. 

"Girls," Cass says cheerfully. She was always the most upbeat, the most happy. Out of all of us, you'd almost /never/ see Cass in a bad mood. "Fight nice," She giggles. 

I rolls my eyes once again, looking out the window as the beach draws nearer and nearer, "Whatever," I say back. I wasn't in the mood to fight. After my mother this morning had said that the original string, black bikini I was planning on wearing was 'too small' because I had 'packed on the pounds', I really just didn't have the energy to even make an argument. 

The car parks though and I'm the first one out, already going towards the beach. I just needed to get out of that damn car. I just had to. The other cars arrive, and Claire hops out, her friend Ryder right by her side. Cam comes out of her car, sunglasses on her face, looking like she'd rather be anywhere in the world except here, although for the most part, she always looks like that. 

My cotton and silk Pucci maxi skirt flutters in the soft breeze as I walk towards Surfside Beach, my jelly sandals sinking into the soft, light colored sand. I hoist up the strap to my tote bag containing my towel, some sunblock and other necessities. My other hand clutches the shaken black ice tea I picked up from Starbucks before coming here. My parents are a few feet away, setting up their own towels under a giant umbrella so that my mother can protect her wrinkle-free face from the sun. 
My sisters and I go our separate ways, some heading straight towards the water while plopping their objects down carelessly, while some set up their little spot specifically.

I find a spot where I like it- the sun's beating down, the sand is nice, the waves are a good distance from me- so I set down my bag and my cup, taking out my Balmain towel and lying it onto the sand evenly. I kick off my sandals, letting my toes squish into the sand, then stripping off my maxi skirt, revealing the rest of my bikini. Finally, pushing my sunglasses onto the bridge of my nose, I lie down on the towel, taking in a deep breath and soaking in the sun. 

I was planning on just sitting here and relaxing, but it seemed so boring. I could use a bit of fun and I knew that this was supposed to be a relaxation day, but I just couldn't relax. I wanted to have some fun. I look around, making sure nobody is looking before grabbing the flask that contains vodka out of my tote bag, snapping the cap off the ice tea and pouring a bit in there, mixing it up with the straw before taking a sip and letting the vodka work it's magic. Yum. 

"Getting enough alcohol there?" Cam snarks, walking by, carrying her towel and all of her supplies. 

I look at her, narrowing my eyes, "I'm not drinking alcohol," I say innocently, wrapping my big lips around the straw and taking another sip. 

She snorts, "Of course you're not," She says sarcastically rolling her eyes. 

Any normal sister would go and tattle, straight to mommy and daddy. But since Camille and I weren't technically related, and since she pretty much hated my mother and despised her father, she didn't even waste the time. She always covered my drunken ass though, which is something I was always grateful for, even though I would never ever dare to admit it. 

I shrug my small shoulders and she scoffs, walking off to find her own spot on the beach. I take a few more sips of my iced tea until it's almost gone. Then, I pour the rest of the vodka in quickly, slurping it down and then letting the empty cup sink into the sand, my head abuzz. I lie down flat on my back onto my towel, smiling and closing my eyes for a second. My head is spinning slightly from the alcohol. Ah, the magic of vodka. 

"Hey," A familiar voice says, and I feel a body plopping down next to me. 

I look over, it's Jay, that guy I met last night. Gosh, he just seems to be popping up everywhere. Not that I mind, really. Sure, he's a little… nice, and cheery for my taste in a friendship, but he's cute and good company I guess. "Hey," I say. 

"What's up?" He asks. 

I sit up, propping myself up on my elbows and raising my sunglasses so that they're resting at the top of my blonde mane. "Nothing much, you?" 

"Same here… just another day at the beach…" 

I nod. An awkward silence fills in and I sigh. 

"What is it?" He asks.

"Nothing," I say quickly, then shrugging it off. "It's just so boring," 

"Are you planning on going in the water?" He asks. 

I shake my head, "No way, I don't feel like getting wet," 

"Come onnnnn," He nudges me. "It would be fun!" 

"No," I say sternly, rolling my eyes while looking at me. 

"If you say so," He says, standing up, taking his shirt off. I stare at his abs for a second before I look back up at his face, realizing that he's staring at me. 

"What?" I ask, a smile appearing on my face. 

"Nothing," He says, and then, in one, sudden, swift movement he scoops me up, carrying me over his shoulder. God, he was strong. 

I pound on his back, "Jay!" I scream as he walks towards the water that's lapping gently at the shore. 
"Put me down!" I command. I had no idea who he thought he was, just picking me up like some kind of a rag doll and throwing me into the sea. I mean, we talked once at some lame charity gala, that didn't exactly make us the closest friends, so that didn't give him the proper right to just throw me into the water. 

"Not until you've gone into the water!" He says as he walks into the water, walking further and further in until he plops me down into the waves. I submerge, then lifting my head up and slicking my hair back. 

"Happy, now?" I say a distinctive pout on my wet pink lips. 

"Very much so," He says smiling. 

I glare at him, splashing some turquoise water at him. 
He stands there, unaffected before taking some water, splashing me right back.
Before I know it, we're in a splashing fight, both soaking wet and I find myself actually smiling, giggling like an idiot. It was fun. That type of childish fun that by now, we shouldn't even have. But after awhile, we get tired and end up just wading in the water. 

I lie on my back, floating on top of the water, relaxing, and looking up at the sky. We still had the whole day, not to mention the dinner ahead of us. I sigh, then coming back up and standing in the water, feeling the sand squish beneath my feet and the water surround me. 
"I'm gonna get out," I say, starting to walk towards the shore, heading towards my towel, where I grab it off the sand, wrapping it around my body and beginning to dry off, some stand sticking to my soft, exfoliated body.
I lie the towel back down into the sand, lying down on it. And soon enough, I could feel another body beside me and I glance over to see that Jay was lying down, right next to me. 

"Nothing better to do?" I ask. 

He shrugs, "What exactly do you mean by that?" 

I shrug too, "I don't know… why would you want to hang out with me?" I scoff, not rudely, but it was obvious I really wasn't the nicest, nor the most entertaining person to be around. And Jay just wasn't my type of guy to be friends with. 

"You seem cool," He says honestly. 

I look at him, laughing slightly, "Seriously?" I ask. "Thanks, I guess."

He laughs warmly, "No problem," 

After we talk for awhile we're both exhausted. The sun is almost setting, but we're tired. I close my eyes, just for a minute, I swear, snuggling up beside Jay. 
The hours pass, and as I open my eyes to see that the sky is purplish black, and Claire is snapping her fingers in front of my face, her foot gently nudging my butt. Her friend, Ryder is there too, and for an odd reason, he's snickering. 
And then I realize that my head isn't leaning into the sand as it was when I fell asleep, oh no, instead, my head is placed right on Jay's buff, shirtless chest. Oh dear God. 
I shoot up, putting a hand to my pounding head and remembering the vodka I had drank earlier. I look at Claire, "What time is it?" 

"C'mon, get up, mom and dad and the rest of the girls are already at Topper's, we were just leaving but we realized that we forgot you two,"

I look to see that Jay was awake, and grinning. 
"Come on, lovebirds," Ryder says, and I look back and forth between him and Jay. I think about it. They look so much alike, and I had known that Ryder mentioned having a little brother. 
Oh, my God- they're brothers. 
I'm basically never going to hear the end of this. 

"We're not lovebirds," I corect him, glaring at him. "Can I at least get changed?" I say, gesturing to my bikini. I needed to at least put on some panties or something. 

"Yeah," Claire says, pointing over to a series of changing rooms, "Go ahead," 

I get up, grabbing my tote bag and walking over to the changing room. 
After changing into my maxi skirt, a tank top, and my flat sandals, as well as applying a tiny bit of makeup and drying my blonde hair, I'm ready. I come out to see that Claire, Jay, and Ryder are waiting. 

"We're late, aren't we?" I ask. 

"Yep," Claire sighs, "But whatever," She says casually. 

We walk to the car, Jay and I getting into the back awkwardly, Ryder and Claire taking up the front. 
The drive to Topper's is short, and before I know it, we're there. I hop out, walking close to Jay, looking up at him, then down at the ground nervously. I've never felt this awkward or vulnerable. Usually, I'm the type of girl that will say whatever she feels and do however I please, the type of girl that has no awkwardness whatsoever, but for once in my life I feel just kinda… weird. 
I mean, I fell asleep on a guy I barely knew's chest… on the beach… in nothing but a wet bikini. It wasn't like I slept with him or something, but it was just all too weird. 

"Sorry about back there," I mutter quietly as I open the door, following Claire and Ryder. 

Jay looks at me, "Oh, don't worry about it," He says so nonchalantly. 

"Really?" I ask him as I quickly spot our family's table, my mother waving us over. 

"Oh yeah, totally," 

I nod, keeping it at that. Claire and Ryder sit together next to Cass. And the only two other seats left open are next to Camille… great. 

I sit down, opening the menu and ordering some water. 
"Wow, you're early," She says sarcastically, looking at me.

I snap the menu shut, rolling my eyes, "Shut up," 

"Hook up with Ryder's brother on the beach, I see?" She says, taking a sip of her drink, her eyes piercing through me. 

I roll my eyes once again, resisting the temptation to smack that little smirk on her lips right off. "No, now shut up," I say. 

"If you say so," She snorts. 

The dinner is like any family dinner. Everyone talks about how they are, they all say stupid meaningless words that go right past me, and after eating and the adults having some Merlot, my mother makes a toast, saying that this summer will be better than ever. 
They all clink glasses, but I only clink with Jay because honestly, I'm done clinking with this family. 

We walk back to the car though, and as Claire drops Ryder and Jay good-bye, I wave smiling. 
"I'll see you around!" Jay says. 

"What makes you so sure?" I ask back. 

He shakes his head lightly, as in challenging me, before winking and heading off, back to the Asher's gigantic mansion. 

I slide up front with Claire, crossing my legs and being silent the whole ride back until we're near the house. 

"So, you like Jay?" She asks. 

I look at her, horrified slightly, "What?! No!" I say. "We're friends, strangers, even, I barely know him." 

Claire smiles, "That hasn't stopped you before, young Cierra," She giggles. 

I giggle along with her. Claire had to be one of my favourite sisters. She was the one I would probably never get tired of, the one that I could probably really trust out of all of them. "Where'd you get that idea?" 

"Well… Ryder may've mentioned that Jay seems a bit interested in you… he begged him to come to the beach today /just/ so he could see you,"

I look at her, raising an eyebrow, "Really?" I say. 


"Hm… well, we're just friends… that's all we'll ever be," I state. 

"Hm, you never know," She sing songs, parking the car and we both get out. 

I climb the stairs, walking to my room and falling back onto the bed. 
Those last few words Claire had said ring in my ears and stay in the back of my mind until I fall asleep. 
Story up! Included @istylista @ocean-blue-xo @cate-in-the-sky @hellobombshell Sorry this story sucks so badly, I wrote it over the course of a couple days and kinda lost inspiration. 
OH! Also, Jay and Cierra will date in the future, but that won't be for awhile, so for now, they're just kinda acquaintances/friends!
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